Who I am?

My name is “Bhaskar Raj”. I am from Bihar(Ara) India. I came from a lower middle-class family with a very conservative mindset. Right now I am studying B.com(commerce). I plan to travel the world on my motorcycle and I’m working on it. I have completed 22 years of my life. Till now I haven’t done anything that I can feel proud of me.

“I am Who I am”.

Journey Timeline

I haven’t visited too many places. I can count them on my fingers. The places are- Pune & Kolkata that’s it. I have spent 5 years of my life in Patna(the Capital city of Bihar) but I have not visited even Mahavir Mandir. It means I am an introvert who likes to be alone in a room. But now I have decided to travel and I will. I have plans. I love to ride motorcycles, I recently(23/10/2022) bought Yamaha Mt 15 V2 2022 model. I will be traveling on my motorbike only*, I have no plans to travel on other modes of transport.

You can join me on this journey, by reading this blog and you can also follow me on Instagram. Here is my first blog. I will start slowly but definitely, but I am not going to stop.

About the Blog.

I started this blog on 22/10/2022. Here on this blog, I will be sharing my life’s learning, experiences, mistakes, and everything I go through. My life is neither interesting nor happening. The current stage of my life is challenging. I have been in the blogging space since 2019, I have one Hindi blog as well. Which helps me to earn a little bit of money.

Here I will share about the places, where I have been and also my travel experiences and learning, which will be completely real. My Experiences and Learnings will help you make decisions about your travel plans.

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