Upcoming Electric Car in India with Price

Upcoming Electric Car in India with Price– Here in this post we are going to talk about upcoming electric car in India, Indian Government is also promoting use of electric car in India. And it is necessary to adapt such vehicles which are environmental friendely, and this is also important because India is fastest growing developing Nation. India is set to move 100% electric car by 2030.

Here in this post, we will talk about electric car in India with price which is going to be launch in India by the end of this year or in the beggining of 2020. Nirmala Sitharaman said in budget speech that India wants to become a global hub of manufacturing of electric vehicles.  This is not easy for India because China is the largest Electric vehicle market in the world and has the largest network of charging stations for electric vehicles and most importantly China is largest manufacturer of batteries.

List of upcoming electric car in India

  • Audi e-tron
  • Nissan Leaf
  • MG eZS
  • Ford Aspire EV
  • Jaguar I-Pace

Audi e-Tron 

audi e-tron india price

This car has two electric motor which produces combined powerout of 408hp and has 95kWh battery which can give you drive range of 400km upon full charge. Audi-etron price in India is 1.5cr INR, and its launch date is November 2019.

Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf range

This electric car is among most most selling car in the world. Indian Nissan Leaf will have 40kWh battery which will give you 241km of drive range on full charge, it has 150hp of electric motor which can generate a torque of 320Nm. Nissan Leaf electric car will launch in India in December this year and price is around 40 lakhs INR.


MG motors electric car

MG Motors made entry in the Indian market with Hector SUV, MG motors is going to introduce an electric SUV eZS, It has 45kWh battery pack and has 148hp of electric motor. Price of MG eZS in India is around 25lakhs INR. Launch Date December 2019.

Ford Aspire EV

Image of Ford aspire is not available.

Aspire electric car is going to launched in India with the partnership between Mahindra and Ford. This car has 25kWh of battery and 82hp of electric motor. It will give you drive range of 150km after full charge. Ford and Mahindra will sell this car seperately with different configuration there will be no more difference, Ford Aspire EV launch date India– 2020.

Jaguar I-Pace


Jaguar i-pace price india

This electric car is beautiful and this car is going to be launched in India in 2020. This car has 90kWh battery, when the battery is fully charged it will give drive range of 480km. It has two electric motors and has combined power output of 400hp and torque of 696Nm. This electric car has won several awards in 2019 like World Car design, World Car, World Green Car 2019.

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