Top 5 TV to buy during Black Friday Sale- Best TV to buy

Top 5 TV to buy during Black Friday Sale

Black Friday sale is almost stared and if you are thinking about buying a TV during this sale, then you should go through this article carefully. Because in this post we are going to list 5 best tv to buy on Black Friday sale 2019. Why only 5? This is because more option means more confusion, below listed tv, is the top of the class and comes from the brands like- Sony, Samsung, and LG. During the sale, so many people make mistakes while selecting the right product, but don’t worry we are here to help you to select the best tv. 

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All TVs on this list are the best performing TV in 2019. Only 3- days are left for the Black Friday sale, black Friday sale is on 26 Nov 2019. So let’s start with our top 5 TVs. Before getting started, if you are looking for gifts for your loved ones, then here is a complete gift guide.

Top 5 TV

01- Samsung QN65Q90R

First in our list is Samsung QN65Q90R. This flagship tv comes with a new class-leading LED backlight system. It also comes with a new panel design, that solves the problem of limited viewing angle than most LCD TVs have. The brightness level of this Tv is awesome because it uses QLED(Quantum Dot) that offers a wide color range. 

This tv offers a different level of HDR pictures and comes with an in-built apple-tv app. In this tv, you don’t get the support for Dolby Vision HDR System. Right now this available with the price cut off $1300, at $2100 on the Samsung US website, but on Black Friday you can see more price cut.

02- LG OLED 65C9

In our list, the second is LG OLED 65C9. This new tv range from LG in OLED. This is the cheapest model in this range that comes with LG gen 2 Alpha 9 picture processor and this offers improved color and contrast, it also enhances the HDR performance. 


But this tv is not as good as the best tv in terms of contrast and viewing angle. This is ultra-thin tv and this is possible because of OLED Technology. This LCD TV is packed with LG’s new Sound AI Processor and also supports Dolby Atmos.

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This OLED TV has the LG WebOs smart system. If we talk about its price it is available for $2099 with a discount of $1400. Definitely, its price will go down on the sale day. 

03- Sony XBR-55A9G

Third, in our list is Sony XBR 55A9G, a flagship tv from sony, Sony is a well-known brand no doubt. This is an OLED TV in simple words. This tv comes with a Sony X1 video processor. Because this tv has OLED technology, that benefits better contrast and viewing angle. 

It also does a better job in upscaling, it is easily able to upscale HD and SD content to 4k, it can also up-scale standard dynamic range(SDR) to HDR. 

Most important it comes with Sony’s new audio technology that is Acoustic surface audio technology means sound comes from the screen, that produces striking sound and feels like we are talking with the character. 

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Now let’s talk about its price, right now this tv price is $2499, but you will see a significant price cut on Black Friday so, bookmark us.

04- Samsung UN55RU8000

In our best 5 tv list, this is second in our list from Samsung. This 55-inch 4k LCD tv does not have Samsung Samsung QLED technology. Right now this tv is selling at just $549.99. So, this is a mid-range TV in the budget term, which means it offers good features but you cannot expect features and quality like previous ones. 

It comes with a full version of Samsung’s new smart tv system. This is not much as brighter than the previous one, it also does not offer a wide color range but this is also good because it delivers contrasty and balanced pictures.

If you are looking for a budget tv, then you can definitely go with this Samsung smart tv.

05- Sony XBR-55X90G

Second tv from Sony in our list of Best TV to buy during Black Friday sale. It is paced with a direct LED Lightning system with local dimming and also comes with Sony X1 ultimate video processor.
This 55-inch LCD tv can produce a bright and detailed picture with HDR support. 
It is also able to upscale HD and SD in 4k, this tv also supports a wider viewing angle. 

One more thing it works with Amazon Alexa. 

85 and 75-inch models have support for Sony’s new wide viewing angle technology, but not in 55 and 65-inch models. According to your room size, Sony’s wide-angle technology can reduce native contrast.

Right now it’s the price is $998 on the Amazon US website, but it will also receive a price cut on black Friday.

So, that’s it for this list we hope this list will help you select the best tv according to your needs and budget.

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  1. I specially Like this Sony XBR-55X90G TV for it's 4K Quality. Is there any Android Version of this TV? I want to place this in my drawing room. But currently I have not the updated Sony TV price in Bangladesh to buy.

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