Tesla Upcoming electric car Tesla Model Y- price, specs and review India

Tesla’s upcoming electric carTesla Model Y compact crossover electric car may be launched in  2020, confirmed by Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk. This electric car will have an electric drive range of 440km(long-range). This Model Y looks very similar yo Tesla Model 3 Sedan, but with an increased seating capacity of seven. Find the Tesla Model Y price below in this post.

If we talk about the powertrain of this electric car, this car will come in three variant- Standard Range, Long Range, and Performance model. In Tesla Model Y performance model All-Wheel-Drive is standard. The performance model will have a top speed of 150mph.

One more thing to notice this electric car Tesla Model Y will not come with complicated Falcon Wing Doors, but the interior of this car is mostly the same as Model 3. The extra row of seats will cost you around $3000.

Tesla model y upcoming electric car

Now it’s time to talk about Tesla Model Y specifications.

Tesla Model Y specifications


  •     Acceleration 0-100 km/h- 5.8 sec
  •     Top Speed- 209km/h
  •     Drive Range- 440 km
  •     Total Power- 211kW
  •     Total Torque- 416Nm
  •     Drive- Rear Wheel Drive


  •     Capacity- 75.0 kWh
  •     Charging Port location- Left-Side Rear
  •     Usable battery- 74.0kWh


  •     Length- 4775 mm
  •     Width- 1850 mm
  •     Height- 1600 mm
  •     Wheelbase- 2875 mm
  •     Roof Load-  Na

Other features

  •     Seat- 7 adult
  •     Isofix- NA
  •     Turning circle- NA
  •     Car body- SUV
  •     Segment- JC-Sport Utility

  • Tesla Model Y Price – NA
  • Tesla Model Y Launch Date India- 2020

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