Hyundai ioniq electric car Spec, Price and Launch Date India

Hyundai is set to launch a new electric car in India in Jan 2020. It will be a electric Sedan and it’s name will be Hyundai Ioniq with three different electric powertrain, Hyundai is working three models model-Ioniq hybrid, Ioniq electric and Ioniq Plig-in. Plug-in uses 60bhp electric motor and lithium-ion-polymer battery. All-electric version will … Read more

BMW i3 2019 Specification Launch Date India

BMW i3 Spec and Price India The All-electric BMW i3 was unveiled at Auto Expo 2018. It has 33kWh battery and engine has power of 184PS with driving range of 280km. It goes from 0-100km in just 6.9 seconds. This is a small electric car from BMW. BMW i3 price India Check below and launch … Read more