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Hi Family
I am Bhaskar founder and CEO of Cynur Internet LTD.
I was born on June 27, 2000. I am from Buxar Bihar and lives in Patna Bihar India. I started this blog on June 2017. At the beginning, I have no experience about blogging and how the online industry works. I think this was the time Jio was just introduced in India. Before Jio I was using 1 GB of Aitel data for a month, but after Jio we all Indians were able to use 4GB of data per day for a year and 2GB of data after a year. This makes more Indians come online. There was a huge increase in Youtube revenue.
So, this happens when Jio comes to India.
At the very beginning, I used to copy and paste other's articles on my blog. But after some time, I realized that it will not work, so I started writing my own article.
At first, the name of the blog was Tallishtech. At the time of writing, I have not made any profit from this blog Keep in mind I am not regular right now. I am writing this page because I want to apply for Google Adsense, as we all know about us and Privacy Policy page is important for getting approval from Google Adsense. This is the main reason for writing this blog post.
Right now I have cleared Class 12 and trying to get admission in Engineering college for B.Tech Computer Science. I want to explore game development. I am passionate about blogging and the Gaming Industry.
I want to start a technology company which will create Games and will make products for AI{Artificial Intelligence}. I am also a game lover and love to play games. I know, I am an average student and it will not be easy to start a technology company. One more big problem is that I belong to a family which does not have any business, all family members are involved in Government and Private job, but I want to do business.
For starting a technology company I will need to do some investment that is why I am doing blogging. The main reason for doing blogging is not earning money I am doing this because I love to write.
This was the small story of my life. Thank you for being part of my journey, I will be grateful to all of you forever.

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