My Journey of 162 km to buy a Motorcycle from Murliganj to Begusarai

This is my first blog post. This blog is not a technical blog, here I will be sharing my life journey, experiences, and other things which can help you in your life as well. You can check the about me page to learn more about me and this blog. This 1st blog post is all about my journey(1st recognized journey). A journey can be of anything but this journey is all about my 2nd bike which I bought on 23/10/2022. More about the bike later in this blog.

My Journey to buy the motorcycle

In this journey I am going to buy my 2nd motorcycle, yes this is my second motorbike. Previously I owned TVS Apache RTR 160 4v 2021 model, I sold this motorcycle due to some personal reasons. Leave it, now let’s talk about the real story. I bought my motorcycle on October 23, 2022, but the story begins on October 22, 2022. I have to go to Begusarai to buy the motorcycle. My preferred color was not available at my nearest showroom, so I have to go to Begusarai. I reached Begusarai on the same date from Murliganj, my current hometown. For this, I needed to change two trains one from Murliganj to Saharsa and the second from Saharsa to Begusarai. This side of the journey doesn’t end here. From here I have to catch a bus to reach a place called Manjhaul, where my father works.

Photo by Bhaskar.

I stayed with my father in Begusarai for the night. The bike was already booked, we just have to make the payment on the delivery date and take the bike home. The plan was to take delivery before 11:00 AM on 23/10/2022 because we have to drive almost 165 km to reach back home. To do this I was quite nervous, this was my 1st time riding for such a long distance. I have never ridden a motorcycle for such a long distance.

We reached the showroom around, 9 Am. BTW, the bike I bought is Yamaha MT 15 2022 Model. It is a small bike that produces 18.4 bhp of power and 14.1 Nm of torque. Why I bought Yamaha MT 15, I will write another blog post on this topic. Everything went smoothly but we were delayed by 1-2 hours, I don’t why. We came out of the showroom with our brand-new motorcycle. The journey started, I was not familiar with my new bike, so I took some time to get familiar with it, I took almost 20 km to roughly understand the bike’s behavior. During this 20 km, I was trying to understand throttle response and the bike’s braking, because these two things are very important for riding a motorcycle.

After riding 50 Km, we took our 1st break at a place called “Mansi”, a short break of half an hour. This was a brand-new motorcycle, so completing the first 50 km took almost 2 hrs. After starting from here started to enjoy my Yamaha Mt 15. I enjoyed it so much that I touched 70 km/h several times. The highway was wide there was no congestion and the weather was quite good. This is not good for a new motorcycle, especially for such a small engine.

After riding another 87 km we took our 2nd break because the radiator fan was spinning like crazy. from here we still have to cover 25 km to reach home. Till now everything was good not a single problem. After this, our final stretch started, during this stretch it was getting dark. Everything on the motorcycle was stock, so I was concerned about the headlight, but the headlight does absolutely well at the night. During this 162 km journey, we just took 2 short breaks, not bad for a new rider. But this was not good for the brand-new motorcycle.

Finally, around 7 PM we reached our home. When I reached home I felt proud of myself. The reason was this was my first time riding a motorcycle for such a long distance. During this ride, we never get into any trouble, and I am thankful to god. But now I can say that I can try a long-distance tour. I am planning for sure.

During this journey, I definitely build some confidence, in myself. Even a small step can teach you lots of things. I will definitely write a blog post on my experiences and learnings from my 1st motorcycle ride. For current updates, you can follow me on Instagram.

Date- 29/10/2022

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