10 Best low Mb Games for Andriod 2020

Best 10 Mb Games for Andriod 2020

If you don’t have a high-end smartphone but you have a low-end Android phone(less than 4 GB), then you are afraid to play heavy games.
So don’t be tensed here I am listing some best low Mb games for Android, that you can play on your low-end smartphone without any worry. Here we are going to list the Best low Mb Games for Andriod.
You can download these games from the play store or you can download game apk.

Games Within 10 Mb.

low Mb Games

List of games in 10 Mb

  1. Dr.Driving
  2. Modern Sniper
  3. Racing Moto
  4. Championship 2019
  5. Friction
  6. Zombie Attack 2
  7. Cricket Black
  8. Endless Falling
  9. Caveman Adventure
The good thing about these games is that you can play these on your high-end smartphone in case if you are standing in line, waiting for someone or if you are offline.
You will find so many low MB games in the play store, but I am listing some of them that are most played.
These games are very lightweight and can be played easily on any smartphone. So here are your best low Mb games for android.
If you are feeling sleepy on our bed(I know you love to feel sleepy on your bed.) these lightweight games will help you get out of this.

List of Best low Mb Games for Andriod


dr driving apk download
This Best low Mb Games for Android is very simple and addictive with easy control. Under 10 MB this game has very attractive graphics(visuals are great). Don’t compare this game with asphalt.
Dr.Driving can easily beat car racing games with a size out of 10 MB.
By connecting this with the internet you can play with your friends in real-time. This game has over 100 million downloads in the play store. This game has 3 versions that you can download from the play store.
  1. Dr. Driving- 11MB
  2. Dr. Driving 2- 20MB(editors choice)
  3. Dr. Parking 4- 13 MB
Dr. driving is a product of SUD Inc.

Modern Sniper (Free) In-app purchase

modern sniper low mb game
This game size is 10.6 MB, and this is a very popular first-person shooting(FPS game)game for android.
This game hovers around the criminal underworld, you have to be ready for the dangerous attack and silent assassin mission.
It has 50 crime shooter missions. This game has 50 million-plus downloads.
Modern sniper has 6 unique and stunning locations with ultra-realistic 3D graphics. You will also get 7 different real-world weapons for missions.
This game is a product of Candy Mobile.

Racing Moto

I personally play this game. Racing Moto is also a popular android game under 10 MB. You will go very-very fast as time passes, with time traffic also increases. Race in action.

racing moto

This is a fast-paced racing game. It has a very beautiful view during the race with very simple controls. This game has different surroundings sea, forest, city, bridge and desert changes during the journey.

You can also call this as action bike racing.

Other vehicles can change lane, so always keep your eye on the indicator. The game has full of excitement that what will happens next. It has over 50 million downloads.

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Cricket 2020

If you are a cricket lover then this game is definitely for you. Do you know? “yeh game hai Mahan”.
It needs only 3 MB of space on your smartphone and this one of the best android games under 10 MB. It has 14 international cricket teams you can choose any of them as your team. The size of the game is 2.7mb.
You need to watch carefully to score in this game. You will have a realistic feel of stadium, this game has easy game controls with smooth gameplay.


This one is the new arcade Best low Mb Games for Andriod. It has prismatic and you have to jump and run to survive in this game. You are a character named shadow in this game.
You need to survive in this game to gain your real identity. This game has stunning visuals, the size of this game is exactly 10 MB.
This game is addictive and I think this best android game under 10 MB. You can customize your gameplay. It has over 5000 downloads.

Zombie Attack 2

In the low MB games list, Zombie Attack 2 has its own spot. It has a very good storyline. This is a story of a Plane of last survivors that is attacked by zombies, and one warrior battle against zombies save his friends.
You have to help the soldier to fight against the zombies in Zombie World. This game has a map that offers attractive and addictive shooting gameplay.
This 10 MB game has 4 different worlds, 8 different heroes and 4 types of vehicles. It has over 1 million-plus download on play store and this low Mb game is developed by STEM Studios.
Game Size- 9.1 Mb

Cricket Black

This is one of the best android games under 10 MB, especially for a cricket lover. This is a very lightweight game.
Very simple to play. It has a global ranking and online gameplay. Compete in real-time, this smallest android cricket game. This game is developed by Puran Software.
Game Size- 2.2 Mb

Endless Falling

Best 10 Mb games for andriod
According to the name of the game, you will fall from a cliff of endless height, that you will not do even in your dreams.
You have to stay away from the obstacles during the fall. To survive in this game you have to keep collecting hearts to adrenaline. This game has a black theme. This game is developed by Riccardo Mattavelli.
Game Size- 11 Mb

Caveman Adventure

Best 10 Mb games for andriod
Caveman is the best adventure game. In this game, a child of the caveman is kidnaped by a dinosaur and caveman follows the dinosaur to save his child.
The graphics of this game are very well. This game has more than 20 stages, power-ups, power-low, 4 special worlds, hundreds of mind-boggling obstacles, that makes this game very addictive.
This game is developed by STEM Studios.
Game Size- 8.3 Mb

These are the best under 10 MB games for android. You should definitely try any of them on your smartphone. These games are for all who have 4 GB or more RAM or less than 4 GB of RAM.

10 Best low Mb games for android

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