Logitech g603 Wireless Gaming Mouse Specification & Price

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 Logitech g603 Wireless Gaming Mouse Specification & Price

We all know Logitech G is flagship series from Logitech, and in this post, we will talk about Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse, or you can say Logitech G603 gaming mouse review.

In the gaming industry, Logitech is giving tough competition to its competitor, especially in gaming mouse so many other companies provide well-featured products but their prices are high in this case Logitech is king, and one more most of them(Logitech competitor) does not offer wireless devices.

With the help of wireless technology, Logitech is much better than its competitor. Lightspeed is for gaming-grade devices. You can control every aspect of your mouse with the help of Logitech Gaming Software.

Logitech G603 mouse is LIGHTSPEED enabled device and uses the HERO mouse sensor. Logitech G Pro gaming mouse also uses LIGHTSPEED(2.4 GHz connection) and Hero mouse sensor.

This mouse uses two AA batteries as fuel(haahaa). Professional and e-sports gamers use mouse offered by Logitech.

Box Content

  • G603 Mouse
  • Lightspeed USB Nano-Reciever
  • USB Cable
  • Two AA Batteries

You will get your Mouse nicely packed and secure. First, you will get your mouse.

Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse Review

This mouse will look similar to Logitech G703. This mouse shares a similar design and positioning of buttons with G703. This mouse allows you to cable-free gaming. Ideal for a right-handed user.

You will find the thumb button on the left of the mouse that makes this mouse comfortable while using, your thumbs will reach left side buttons with ease and extremely easy to click.

On lower top of the clickable mouse scroll wheel(default mode-cycle) and DPI button is situated. The scroll wheel is made up of rubber grip. When you click the right/left button you will hear a pretty nice click sound and you will also feel impulse force.

Logitech g603 Wireless Gaming Mouse Specification & Price
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You will not get any weight coin in this mouse, because of its two AA sized battery that’s why there is no need for extra weight. In G603 you will not find any lighting effect(which is very common in Logitech Gaming Mouse) to save battery.

The company claims that it’s battery life is about 18 months(normal use) and if you use this for non-stop gaming it will end after 500 hrs. The company decided to remove the lightning effect in this mouse because RGB needs a good amount of energy to run and drains the battery faster.

If you are an RGB lover then in this department you would not be satisfied.
You will find extra space in the mouse for your USB receiver that will help you while traveling. Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse also works well with Bluetooth without compromising gaming performance.

Below of the mouse, you will get the button for performance mode you can switch between high and low-performance mode and another button for switching between Lightspeed wireless and Bluetooth.
Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • Sensor- HERO
  • Resolution- 200-12,000 dpi
  • acceleration- >40G3
  • speed- >400 IPS3


  • USB Data format- 16 bits/axis
  • USB report rate- 1000 Hz(1 ms)USB report rate in Low mode- 125 Hz(8 ms)
  • Bluetooth report rate- 88-133 Hz(7.5-11.25 ms)Microprocessor- 32-bit ARM


  • Main buttons- 20 million clicks
  • PTFE- >250 KMs3

Battery Life

  • High performance mode- 500 hrs(non-stop gaming)
  • Low-Performance mode- 18 months(normal mode)

Physical Specification

  • Height- 124 mm
  • Width- 68 mm

⦁    Weight- 88.9 gm mouse only

G603 features

  • Excellent battery life- When your mouse battery level reaches 15%, Logitech Gaming Software and LED indicator on the mouse will notify you before reaching a critical level.
  •  In this mouse, you can program six buttons according to your requirements. The DPI button has 5 levels.
  • This mouse has onboard memory you can carry your settings with you.

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