How to record internal audio in android smartphone? No shit

In this tutorial post, I am going to teach you, how to record internal audio in android smartphone, without using any earphone/headphone and clip/clamp.
I watched some videos on youtube before writing this, actually, they are using the right method that method will work 100% on any device. My method may not work on every device, but it will surely work on Xiaomi and OnePlus devices and on some moto devices. If you don’t want to use these shits, you can use my method otherwise use the Youtube method.
Here is the Youtube video.

How to record internal audio in android

So, without wasting any time let’s dive in. Just follow the below-given steps.

Method 1

  • First thing first go and download ScreenCam screen recorder from play store.
  • Now open the app.
  • Leave every setting to default except audio settings.
  • Tap on audio settings and select internal audio default source and hit ok. Now you are good to go.
    Now test this, to check this trick is working or not? Play any game while recording to test the trick.

Extra tip

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If you want to truly record internal audio in android, you should download the Magisk Module along with this screen recorder app.

If this is not working You can try this method.

Method 2

  • Do the same steps from method 1 till 4th.
  • Now, insert earphones with mic.
  • Before hitting the record button, you have to make sure that the button in your earphone is pressed all time while recording. To press the button all time you can use a clamp/clip.
    If your earphone has 3 buttons, then you have to press the middle button, otherwise one button.

ScreenCam Screen Recorder Key features

This is the best screen recorder for android in my opinion. Here I am going to tell you some best features about this screen recorder.

  • It can record video in 1080P full HD resolution at max 60fps.
  • If talk about bit rate it can go high up to 48Mbit. 48Mbit is not recommended best setting is 6.8Mbit for low-end
  • It offers different themes like- White, Light, Dark, and Black.
  • You can also save videos as GIF animation.

I hope, I have solved a big problem for you guys. If not please comment below, me and my team are here to help you. Just drop the question.
That’s it for this how-to record internal audio in android smartphone tutorial.

Stay home, stay safe.

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