Racers vs cops multiplayer games- 5 best police games- hack

racers vs cops multiplayer games

Racers vs cops multiplayer games- Sometimes it is referred to as playing games is not a good habit, but this is wrong if you play games in a disciplined manner you can learn lots of things. Games also make your mind sharp.

But why am I am telling you this, because here I am going to list best racers vs cops multiplayer games that can addict you, so keep your will power strong which will prevent you from being addicted not just from these games from others as well? Skip to the list.

Some games like PUBG, FORTNITE, Call Of Duty Mobile are very addictive. These addictions can cost you a lot, so always keep yourself first. I think now we should start this list of racers vs cops multiplayer games. These all are racing games but the difference is the race is between racers and cops(police). So, if you are a racer and love thrilling action then start scrolling now.

Notice- All are free racing games

Racers vs Cops multiplayer games

Now dive in. First in this list is Asphalt 9 Legends.

Asphalt 9 Legends

First of all, this is free to play. If we are talking about racing games and not talking about Asphalt this is not fair. In these games, there are races and levels where you have to race against cops which are very insane. In simple words, you just have to escape from police cars. In asphalt games, you don’t have to worry about damage when you crash, after 1-2 seconds you will be recovered. In simple words, you will not be damaged when you crash.

If you like racers vs cops multiplayer games then, you will definitely love playing this game. One more thing to consider there is elimination mode in this game. But in multiplayer mode, there are no elimination chances.

My suggestion is to keep distance between you and cops because they are really fast and perform multiple actions like a barrel roll, knockdown, flip, etc.. to earn coins that you can use to upgrade your cars.

To complete race against cops you have a time frame in which you have to finish the race otherwise it will disqualify the racers. In this game, you can also take part in multiplayer racing and there are lots of things to do in Asphalt you can also take part in special event races.

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I can guarantee you will fill lots of thrill. Second in our list is Racers Vs Cops Multiplayer

Racers Vs Cops Multiplayer

In Asphalt 9 Legends you were trying to escape from cops but in this game, racers will try to escape from you so, this is in your hands that what you do?

In this, you are acting as a police officer that’s why you have to maintain a high score. Actually you have to follow racers and try to harm them like try to accident them by doing this you will earn points and racers will lose health. This all must be done in normal traffic. You can also take part in the multiplayer race, in this mode racers and cops will play with other real racers and cops.

This available for free on Google play store. You can also download, Racers Vs Cops: Multiplayer v1.27 Mod Apk. The size of this game is 63Mb. Third, our list is Cop Duty Police Simulator.

Racers Vs Cops : Multiplayer
Racers Vs Cops : Multiplayer
Developer: Momend Ltd.
Price: Free+

Cop Duty Police Car Simulator

First, this is an open-world game straightforward this simulation game. In this game you are acting as a police officer, so your duty is to rescue the hostage and arresting criminals.

You also have to take down dangerous bikers that can harm citizens on roads. Basically, this is also a racer and ploce game.

The difference about this game is, you have different choices for cars and weapons. As I mentioned this is an open-world game so you can also explore the environment as you do in other open-world games. This is also available on the play store for free.

Cop Duty Police Car Simulator
Cop Duty Police Car Simulator

4th in our list is Police Car Chase-Cop Simulator

Police Car Chase-Cop Simulator

If you are looking for some action and cars in traffic, then this simulation game is for you. In this action driving simulation game, you will experience an open-world environment. Here you can do lots of actions like you can race, drift, flip, and crash you can also perform stunts.

You need to perform all these actions to complete a challenging mission. You can easily customize your car for better performance. In this game, you will able to hot pursuit your enemies. This game is free and you can easily play this game on your old android smartphone.

Police Car Chase - Cop Simulator
Police Car Chase - Cop Simulator

5th Racing game in this list is LOKO Police Simulator

LOKO Police 3D Simulator

This one is also an action racing game or in simple words highway racer, in which you are acting as police, that’s why I am telling this a Police racing game. If you want to score high paly this with your friend. This is about to chase criminals.

You have to chase criminals on endless roads. As mentioned this is a free police racing game, which can be enjoyed with your friends.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

There are some other best racers vs cops multiplayer games that are very interesting and addictive. You can see the list below.

So, that’s it for this police racing games, I hope you will enjoy these games. If you have any suggestion please suggest in the comment box.

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