Best Open World Games For Android, iOS & PC


 Best Open World Games For Android, iOS & PC

Mobile gaming as a format has had a lot more to offer. In recent years as evidenced by the growing use of open worlds. Best open world games for iOS and Android. In this post, some of them are low MB android game, some of them are high MB game. Some of them are multiplayer games, some of them are multiplayer games via wifi hotspot offline and some of them, you can play offline. Of course, some of them are 10Mb games that you can play on your low-end smartphone. But some of them are paid.

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Best Open World Games For Android, iOS & PC for Low end to Hinh End Smartphones

Today in this post we are going to talk about the best open-world games for iOS and Android. These best open-world games you can download and it on your smartphone right now. Keep in mind some of the games listed below are the best android action game.

25. Interstellar Pilot

 A game called interstellar pilot which is even more open than an open world. It is an open universe it’s not a massively multiplayer game, it is a single-player game. But honestly, I think that actually works out well essentially, it balances the ideas of an economic simulation with a much more action-oriented game. Although the game sees constant development.

It’s already pretty darn good interstellar pilot is free on both iOS and Android to give it a shot.

 24. Vampire’s Fall Origins

Vampire’s Fall Origins is a 2d open-world RPG with turn-based tactical combat the game. Takes place mainly in a top-down view you play a recruit and a militia.

That is intended to protect the village of a vampire. Now, this is a much more traditional RPG than you typically see on the phone. And I think that’s great vampires fall origins is free on both iOS and Android.

23. Durango Wildlands

Now coming in at number 23 Durango wildlands is a dinosaur catching and training RPG of the massively multiplayer variety. The game takes place in a land of dinosaurs of course kind of need those in order to do a dinosaur catching and training MMORPG.

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But the intent is to tame dinosaurs face down various clan mechanics and engage in PvP. It’s actually really good it just feels like something a bit refreshing because it’s got some of the trappings of a mobile RPG and some of the more traditional MMO type stuff. And, I think really manages to be its own game Durango wildlands us out on both iOS and Android.

22. Neo Scavenger

 Neo Scavenger a post-apocalyptic survival game that takes place on a hexagonal isometric map in near future post-apocalyptic Michigan. It is a turn-based game making it very easy to save and come back whenever there’s no XP. The purpose is specifically skill-based you learn how to play better you learn how to scavenge new items and cyberpunk Detroit.

The play there isn’t quite the same thing as there as the game it’s kind of a refuge area that allows you to do things that you can’t do out in the wild. Get surgery in the like this is a game that has a lot going on has a unique look to it. And actually serves to be something different that is fun Neo Scavenger is out on iOS and Android.

21. Openmw

Which MW means Morrowind meaning yes you can install Morrowind on your phone. Now it’s a little bit complex and it’s only for Android but it’s a process that involves installing openmw as well as copying the data files from a legitimate copy of Morrowind purchasable from Bethesda net. Now you should know what an elder scrolls game is now Morrowind is elder scrolls 3.

It’s a great game and having it on your Android is actually pretty great coming in at number 20 crash lands which is an action RPG slash crafting game that has a story.

But the ultimate goal really is to just collect tons of resources and craft things. Now that description will never do it justice. This is a game that is so fun to play and not just because it’s a crafting game not just because it’s an action RPG pretty much every aspect of this game is super fun, really intuitive and implements touchscreen controls in such a way that they feel borderline natural which is really I mean a huge accomplishment crash-lands is available on iOS and Android for $6.99.

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You can also get it on Steam and the save, files are cross-platform so yeah that’s good, I mean to give this one a shot it’s really good.

19. Terraria

Game number 19 is Terraria which somebody who maybe a little more cynical might call it 2d but Terraria is obviously more than that it’s somewhere between if you combined Minecraft and Metroid.

I’m far from the first person to describe it as such but I think it’s a little more accurate than just calling a 2d Minecraft. If you’ve never played terraria yeah you explore like in Metroid take on enemies and you build and craft and create like your Minecraft. It’s 2d it’s a side scroller and it’s fun as hell terraria are available on iOS and Android. Now if you haven’t played it you should.

18. Retro City Rampage

It’s really just a great game number 18 is Retro City Rampage, which if you’re interested in top-down 2d kind of a synthesis of the old-school.

Actual 2d Grand Theft Auto and new-school Grand Theft Auto type ideas well hey it’s Retro City Rampage this is a game that manages to be an arcade game an open-world game something with depth as well as something that on the surface seems very shallow this is exactly what it should be.

I love Retro City Rampage it’s such a fantastic game it’s really worth your time and it’s out on ios and android.

17. Titan Quest

Now number 17 Titan Quest an action RPG from the pc originally released in 2006 brings you that full 2006 hack and slash experience to the phone.

Now just for reference, Titan Quest is a huge game it’s got 30 different character classes, 80 different enemies over 1200 items to find and the playtime averages over 60 hours.

Now it’s not going to absolutely blow your mind in any real way it doesn’t bring a lot new to the table but it is also a game from 2006 and it’s a darn good one Titan Quest is out on iOS and Android.

16. Monster Hunter Story

Now at number 16 Monster Hunter story is a JRPG like fully standard JRPG version of monster hunter. That was designed to sort of reach younger demographic that the actual full-blown Monster Hunter games don’t, but in the process made a game that’s actually very very charming and fun don’t let the fact that it was designed for kids to keep you away from Monster Hunter stories.

It’s a JRPG and if you like JRPGs it’s a good one keeping in mind there aren’t a lot of actually really good ones based around hunting monsters. I know there are a lot of them but the really good ones definitely stand out is it as good as Pokemon. But it’s definitely worth the time it does have a bit of a steep price it comes in at $19.99, but I mean Monster Hunter stories is actually a really fun well-made JRPG and it’s out on ios and android.

15. GTA Games

All of the GTA games, I mean obviously the more beefy ones aren’t on there but you want Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City Chinatown Wars or San Andreas, it’s all on mobile and these are just fantastic.

The games in every way they’ve done a great job porting every one of them they work very well I mean as well as they can on touch controls and it’s Grand Theft Auto these are the full versions of these Grand Theft Auto games.

There’s no reason not to have them it’s so nice to be able to just go hey I’m gonna turn on Grand Theft Auto 3 and then pull out your phone and just do it. I have a bit of a weird attachment to Grand Theft Auto 3 personally. And I love just being able to play it whenever I want all of them are out for various prices on iOS and Android it’s Grand Theft Auto.

14. Odd World Strangers

What else do you want me to say coming in at number 14 odd world strangers wrath odd world is basically a combination of first-person and third-person platformer and shooting game. There are a lot of different things that you end up having to do this game from normal like range to first-person shooting too much more pure platforming to melee combat.

I mean this game is very diverse in its approach to what the game is and in this case that works very well I know that there are games that kind of don’t benefit from being mega focused as to what they are but this is one of those that do it’s also an odd world title meaning.

It is filled with that sort of trademark odd world social satire and well I don’t know, that I’d rank it as the best odd world game odd world games I’d rank above most other games so considering it’s $2.99. I would recommend you pick it up because it’s out on ios and android.

13. Kingdom Quest

Number 13 is the Kingdom Quest which is an old-school grid-based open-world game with turn-based combat and here in its HD glory. It shines it’s again that had the benefit of being remade recently on the PC as well as Mac.

The new high-resolution art assets were ported over to the iOS and Android versions of the game. It’s really just a great looking game. I mean for what it is it’s not like going to give you this AAA experience on your phone or anything like that. Some games will claim but as somebody who likes the original game, you’re certainly going to be happy with how it looks on phones.

 Now again this isn’t like a new game by any stretch so it’s basically your expectation for a grid-based turn-based open-world RPG is probably exactly correct. But this is one of the games that does hit probably among the best the quest is out on iOS and Android now it’s $7.99.

 12. AXE Alliance versus Empire

AXE Alliance versus Empire and open-world fantasy RPG. We’re two large factions are fighting each other and I am going, to be honest, this story pretty much doesn’t matter in this game. It’s an MMORPG that plays on phones that are very smooth very polished and the combat is really satisfying.

There are large-scale PvP battles of up to 150 people in this game with lots of raids and the typical multiplayer trappings. It also has a little bit more personality than you might expect in the character designs and I like that AXE Alliance versus Empire is out on iOS and Android. Now if you’re looking for an MMORPG at least give this one a shot.

 11. Elder Scrolls

Number 11 is north a 3d open-world fantasy action RPG that will remind you of let’s say an Elder Scrolls game if they were what they are now but came out like on the Dreamcast. It has fairly primitive graphics but doesn’t let that stop you.

It’s actually a really great RPG and it will definitely remind you of Elder Scrolls games in a lot of ways it’s not super long it’s a 15-hour game. I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s kind of maybe not the worst thing considering its mobile you know Roth is out on both iOS and Android. Now it’s free so what do you have to lose by giving it a shot.

10. Exiled Kingdoms

Number 10 is exiled kingdoms RPG at top-down isometric action RPG that probably isn’t going to dazzle you with its graphics. However, if you’re looking for a game along the lines of a Diablo before they decided to start pushing mobile mechanics into it for no reason ironically.

This mobile game is exactly where to look now this one I would call basically a hardcore game. It’s pretty harsh it doesn’t play around at all but that’s exactly what it’s going or and although some of the graphics are very primitive. If you’re down for some type of Diablo-style stuff. This is basically the place you need to go, it’s a great game.

It is not a forgiving game though, beyond its harshness, it actually does do a very good job of developing an atmosphere. I think that it is also worth mentioning exiled kingdoms RPG. I would say I highly recommend it’s out on iOS and Android.

9. Matt out 2 big-city online

Now coming in at number 9 Matt out to big-city online is very much a Grand Theft Auto online styled game. There can be up to a hundred players on a map and you’re doing basically all of the things you would expect in a grand theft auto game.

Now keep in mind as of right now it’s a little bit limited in certain respects it is cars only we’re not seeing other types of vehicles. Yet I do have to assume that something that’s probably going to happen over time because when you play this game for more than a minute you know exactly what it’s trying to do.

And that fulfills the Grand Theft Auto online experience on mobile and for the most part, I would say it works Matt out to big city online is out on iOS and Android.

8. Off the Road

Now coming in at number eight off the road OTR open-world driving game. Basically, it tells you everything about the game in the title and that’s not necessarily a bad thing because the main thing in this game is obviously driving offroad. There are challenges there are checkpoint hunts there’s find and retrieve missions that type of stuff.

But it’s mainly a simulation that is dedicated to off-road driving with large vehicles it’s not just that there are also other mechanics at play you can use a helicopter you can drive a boat. Obviously, those things aren’t on the road guys and over time you upgrade your car and that brings you to new areas it’s a fun game.

I really like it it’s very hyper-specific as to what is enjoyable about it but sometimes that’s great off the road, OTR open-world driving is out on iOS and Android right now.

7 & 6

Now I’m, gonna kind of group numbers seven and six because they’re both games from the same series. They are very similar in that respect these are very many games of the grand theft auto DNA.

They do reside somewhere between Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row so keep that in mind. I wouldn’t put it fully in either direction for either of these the first of them is number 7, which is Gang star New Orleans developed by Gameloft, and in every way it’s basically yes Grand Theft Auto in New Orleans and not quite as slick not quite as well made as Grand Theft Auto it’s a little clunky but it’s certainly worth playing.

The same goes for number six which is the Gang star Vegas world of crime, which I’m going to go ahead and say pretty much very similar things about these games were structured explicitly for portable to act as grand theft auto in the mobile ecosystem. While Rockstar actually has managed to do that themselves that somebody else has attempted it and it’s not a total disaster as it could think and not only is it not a total disaster it’s enjoyable Gangstar Vegas obviously takes place in Las Vegas and both Gangstar New Orleans and Gangstar Vegas are available on iOS and Android.

5. Don’t Starve Pocket Edition

Number 5 is Don’t starve Pocket Edition, Don’t starve is a fairly harsh survival game with a very unique art style and a very specific sort of scientific magic oriented take on wilderness survival. This is under 10mb game.

There’s a lot of crafting a lot of resource gathering and it doesn’t go too far in any direction that makes you feel like you’re stuck. It’s a game that moves along and I think that’s a blessing as far as this type of game it knows what it wants to be and it does it very well.

Don’t start Pocket Edition is $4.99 and it’s out on iOS and Android.

4. Portal Knights

Now, number 4 is Portal Nights a game that basically does its best to give you Minecraft and questing at once. This open-world game falls under 100Mb game. It does the job too it’s a co-op 3d sandbox action RPG. If you want to lay that out and in a lot of ways, it’s kind of what a lot of people wanted out of Minecraft a lot of people tried to make this kind of game.

This is, I think the one that did it best because you get your questing and you also get your creative mode. It’s a pretty fun engaging game and it’s out on ios and android now for $4.99.

3. Minecraft

Coming in at number three is Minecraft now, I’m obviously talking about Minecraft, here so it’s Minecraft. No need to explain.

2. Life After a Survival

Number 2 is Life after a survival, a game very much oriented around action as well as home and base building in a post-apocalyptic definitely not zombies. But gather zombies kind of, for tonight’s single-player oriented type game don’t let the fact that on the surface. It does resemble for tonight’s single-player cause you to prejudge the game it does this very well. It’s a lot of fun life after survival is out on iOS and Android. This game comes under the 100Mb game.

1. Stardew valley Sardi Valley

Now and finally number one is Stardew valley Sardi Valley, which is basically if you added some developments in gaming that came after Minecraft into Harvest Moon. It is wonderful it’s basically a much more open version of Harvest Moon, the somewhat of a farm simulator and somewhat of much more than that there’s so much to do in this game.

You can grow things you can build things you can craft things you can go underground and fight monsters Stardew Valley is just an all-around great game. When they ported it to ios and android it was one of those, of course, thank you for doing this moment it is of course out on ios and android.

Now, and I’d highly recommend it that’s all for today what open-world games are you playing on mobile leave us a comment let us know what you think about this post.

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