5 Best Cryptocurrency based game of 2020

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cryptocurrency based game

Blockchain-based Games

We have already heard about blockchain and cryptocurrency right but why I am talking about this?
You already know about the topic of this post, we are going to see list of best cryptocurrency games, I mean to say we will look at some good games which use blockchain, simply blockchain-based games(Cryptocurrency based game).

You may have heard about crypto kitties, which is based on Ethererum, In this game you just have to feed, grow and sell kitties for profit and this very popular game you can try this game just search for this game on Google. The popularity of this game proved that game and blockchain technology can be used together.

Games can be the way for the mass adoption of the cryptocurrency, In 2020 a handful number of cryptocurrency-based games releasing. Right now in 2020 crypto gaming industry is worth $40 billion, but according to a report this going to increase rapidly and Japan is leading this industry.

One more thing I like about these games is that you trade in-game assets and you can cash out in-game coins and currency and this is interesting.

To cash out, you just need to follow simple steps- first you need to sell in-game assets and acquire some currency or coin which you are playing and then send them to the cryptocurrency exchange on which they are listed trade them in BTC or USD, very easy. You will find every information about how to sell and trade on any particular game site.

Why you should read this post? You should read this post because, most of the games can be played on a web browser no matter whether it is a smartphone or desktop you don’t need to download every game.

So, let’s start the list of bitcoin games, these all cryptocurrency games are free to play but you can invest in the game to grow fast. If you are ok with the slow start then you are good to go.

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Best Cryptocurrency based game

My Crypto Heroes

In this cryptocurrency games list first, is “My Crypto Heroes” Why? Let’s find out. This game was developed by Double jump Tokoyo Inc and this game is in the market for more than a year. I have already told you Japan is leading the crypto gaming industry.

Why you should this game? In this game you just have to collect historical heroes and train them to fight in battles. You can play this game on a smartphone as well on the computer. All heroes are hiding from their enemies.

You have to do one more thing in this, you need to find these heroes and give them their glory and then train them to fight against their enemies. You can also trade your heroes in the social market place.

It will be to say blockchain-based games work on the principle of play and earn. Some people call these games as bitcoin games free, in sense of earning. You will earn but not so much. To really earn you need to invest some money I have already told this.

Now let’s move to the second game.


This Cryptocurrency based game is based on Tron blockchain. This game is exactly like Farming “Simulator game”. You have to maintain your farm. When you sign up for this game you need to choose your farm location on the map, and this location will be yours in this game.

Now, you can do anything that you can do on any farm. In the beginning, you will get some basic animals like goats, cows, and hens and some grains to feed them. You will also one piece of land where you can grow crops.

You can sell goat and cows milk in the marketplace, forgot to mention you can also sell your grown crops. The currency of this game is Tron, meaning you can buy and sell in this game using Tron(Trx).

Your farm profit can be withdrawn in Tron currency, this currency is available on almost every cryptocurrency exchange. When you signup with this referral link you will get 10 Trx and a free pack of assets, free 10 trx can be used to buy in-game assets. This is based in India.


If you love GTA 5 then, I am sure you will love this game. The intent of this is like GTA 5 story but the gameplay is not like GTA. You have to build an illegal business empire in this, by producing drugs, weapons, and anything like.

You can also own casinos and bars to make your empire you. Just like Cropbytes, you need to set your office location
When you are building a drug empire you need to protect your empire from your enemies, for this you can do anything to protect your empire like create your own private army with spies, choppers and CCTV cameras, and anything you can do to increase your security.

Best games related to WWE

The best part is, you and your enemies and competitors can send their army or small group of people to rob you, to make empire even bigger. You can do a lot more in this game. You should definitely play this.
This game is completely based on STEEM Blockchain, the more you produce the more you earn DWD token which can be exchanged for Steem and then in your native fiat currency.

Join this link to get a reward.


Right now in this game you can just earn not cashout, because this game is in beta phase, and I love playing this. This is a property trading game. You can buy or get any real-world property in the world in this game, right now only Sanfransisco is available on the map.

If you join this game from this referral link you will get 3,000 UPX tokens to buy property in this game and earn UPX every hour which can be traded later. When you join this game you have a visitor visa to became an uplander you need to have a permanent visa.

To get a permanent visa you need to have 10,000 UPX, and visitor visa expires every 7 days you need to renew your visa this is free. If you are not able to do this you will lose your property forever, and your property will be available to others. Make sure you renew your visa. Visitors cannot do anything and but uplander can do.


This Cryptocurrency based game is completely based on mining of ores and minerals of the 1900s, where you just have to rent a land and mine coal, gold, and iron ore. You can use these minerals to produce anything related to this and sell them in the market for profit and to grow your empire.

But in starting you will not have any money(in-game currency), to buy something or to rent lend. In the starting you will only have 3 workers, they will do jobs for you to earn POL token in-game currency.

You need to find jobs for them in the job market. You already know in the beginning you will not have any tools in this Cryptocurrency based games, It means your worker can only do works that do not require any tools, which is a transportation job.

There are plenty of transportation jobs in the job market, which you can find. After completing the job you will earn POL token which you can use to buy and rent lends and tools.

In the jobs market, jobs are offered by real people like you, they will pay you to complete their work. In simple words, in the beginning you need to work for others to earn money.

But there is an alternative way to directly build your empire to do this, you need to buy POL token from cryptocurrency exchanges and send them POL token to the game from exchange and then buy anything you want.

Now let’s talk about how you can earn real money from here, By doing jobs and mining ores earn POL token which you can exchange this for your native fiat currency. This is your choice, whether you want to grow your empire in this game or want to withdraw your earning. This game is based on the EOS blockchain.

So, that’s it for this post I hope you enjoyed this. So, this was the list of some of the best blockchain-based games, which you can play and earn real money. In the beginning your growth will be slow but you can always increase this rate by investing in this game.

My favorite Cryptocurrency based games are-

  1. Cropbytes
  2. Upland me
  3. Prospectors

I love these games to play. Which one you love, let me know in the comment box, and if you have any suggestions for games you can comment below.

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