Best Call Recording App Android 2020

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Best Call Recording App Android

Best Call Recording App Android updated- In present world call recording is vital. There are so many call recording apps available which can record our call and can store them in our device for further reference.

These call recorder apps are easily available on Google Play Store for download. If you are getting too many spam calls or you want to record your call for something like proof then these apps are useful.

Now so many phones come with pre-installed call recorders or you can use them when you receive any call without doing anything they are also known as automatic call recorder apps.

But they are basic apps and lack of some features for this you need to install thrid party apps(no privacy issue). All below-listed app are low mb apps and you don’t have to worry about storage on your device.

Here in this post we are going to list top 10 call recorders app for android 2019, we can download these apps from Google Play Store right now. Some of them offer manual call recording you can enable them according to your choice, and some of them offer automatic call recording.

Under 10Mb Android Games

Here is the list of best automatic recorder apps for android

We are listing some auto call recorder apps for android you can download them if you want to record call in automatic way. 


call recording app for android

This one is most popular. This app is well known for spam call detection but now it can record call for you. If you are already a TrueCaller user you don’t need to install may be you need to update it. This app is free, but call recording feature is not free, you need to buy a premium plan to use call recording feature.
To activate call recording just go to settings in truecaller and enable call recordings. All recordings are saved in your smartphone.

Call Recorder ACR

best call recording app for android

This call recording app is absolutely free and best app in market. It has so many features it can record incoming and outcoming calls. It offers listing recordings by matching numbers, recycle bin to restore mistakenly deleted recordings, auto-delete old recordings, you can mark any call recording as important, you can protect your recordings with password, it also offers delayed call recordings and so many other features. You can store your recordings in the cloud but this is only available for pro users.

Automatic Call Recorder

best call recording app for android

This app is also good that’s why this is in our list. You can manually record call of your choice, you can set which number you want to record and which number you want to ignore. When an outgoing call is made from our side it will automatically start call recording, this feature is default you can change this setting when you need. It can also save your call recordings in cloud services like Google Drive and Dropbox. You will see ads in free version and no ads in paid one.

Cube Call recorder ACR

best call recording app for android

This is the best call recoding app in android to record calls on android smartphone. This best call recording app can record calls from Skype, Whats app, Facebook, line and so many other apps so you don’t have to woory if you are using different service to make calls. This app offers automatic call recordings and mannual call recordings. 

This app also has premium versions which offers better features then free versions.

Galaxy Call Recorder

Galaxy call Recording app

Galaxy Call Recorder app is also best call recording app on android, this app has very simple UI(User Interface) but packed with competitive features. It also offers automatic call recoding and mannual call recording. You can choose contacts to record and not to record this applies with outgoing and incoming calls. This good call recording app also work with Samsung Galaxy Phones.

All Call Recorder

best call recording app for android

All Call Recorder app also simple UI, with very few features but powerful feature. You can share your call recordings on Whats-app and Google Drive using this app. The audio is recorded in 3GP format and you can protect your call recordings with the password. This best call recorder app for Android offers recording playback, send audio and delete audio. This app also comes with pro version worth of $9.95, pro version app is ad-free and offers more features.

RMC Android Call Recorder 7

best call recording app for android

Like other apps listed above this app also offers automatic and mannual call recording, you can adjust settings according to you need you can enable this settings for both incoming and outgoing calls. Audio format supported by this app is mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp and wav audio. We can hide call recording notification and show notification. We can also protect this app with 4-digit passcode. You can also back-up your recordings to cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Advance Call Recorder

advance call recorder app

This is also the best call recorder app for Android available for free. Using this app you can record your call as well as you can block spam and unwanted calls. This can be protected by password and pattern lock to safe your recorded files. You can also share your recorded audio to others. One best feature of this app is that you can add notes to your recorded calls. You can also enable or disable automatic call recording when you need.

Call Recorder

best call recording app for android

The name suggests that this app is for call recording. You can record call on this app using automatic and mannual methods for incoming and outgoing calls. You can sort, delete and mark as important any call recordings. You can also choose which numbers to record.  You can also protect your recordings using a password.

Smart Auto Call Recorder

Smart auto call recoder app

As name suggest this app is an automatic call recording app available for free on Google Play Store. You can enable automatic call recordings for incoming and outgoing calls. Audio format used by this app is MP4. You will get a feature that will allow you to automatically delete call recordings after choosen time frame. You can share your call recordings via Bluetooth, E-mail, Gmail and Messaging apps.

That’s it for this Best Call Recording App for Android, we have listed the top 10 apps. That can help you to choose right app for your specific need. Please search the exact name on Google Play Store to download right and please avoid downloading apk files.

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