10 thrilling Best Action Games for Android 2020

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If you are looking for the best action games for android, then you are on the right page. There are several pages related to this topic, but they are old. In this post, we have added two new games, which means this post contains updated action android games. Action games are very popular among gamers. That’s why we are writing this article game lover. Now let’s start this list of best action-thriller games for android. Some of them are the best action game for android offline you can play easily.

So, let’s start the list of top 10 best action games for android 2020.


It is still an excellent action game for android. You play this on some android devices. But this game is mostly played on PC. In terms of players and fans, this game is very popular on Twitch and Youtube. The popularity of this game can be imagined by just looking at the number of followers for this game, the player who plays this game has millions of players, so this is one of the most popular action game. You can play this game on your Samsung Note 9. If you have this device you should try this game otherwise play it on your computer.

PUBG- Players Unknown Battleground

So, first in this list of top 10 action games for android is PUBG(Players Unknown Battleground).

We all know that PUBG, right know it is among the most popular battle royal game. We are adding PUBG on this list because this game is an open world and basically you can do anything you want.

In this game you can play solo, squad and duo basically this is a survival game but you can lot of action in this game using guns, explosives, bikes and cars and also choppers, you can also jump between building to kill enemies.

You need to survive till the end you are playing against 100 players in this game.

Call off duty Mobile

This game is recently launched by Activision. CODM is competing for the neck-to-neck with PUBG. This is also a Battle Royal Survival game.

cryptocurrency-based games

Like in PUBG you need to survive till the end. Because this is an open-world game you can do action using your creative mind. You also get a helicopter in this game to fly.

This is a very exciting game, you should definitely try this game.

Modern Combat 5

I personally love ”Modern combat 5”. I want to remind you that the game is among one of the best shooter games on android. This game is well known as a high – octane explosive action game. I personally play this game.

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In this game you are leading a team, that needs to eliminate terrorists, helicopters, enemies on water using your sniping skills. There are 9 options available for you like assault class, reon class, and some others.

If you are planning to play games like PUBG, CODM, FORTNITE you can practice in this game. You will enjoy playing this game because the game has a realistic fight environment and awesome graphics. In this game there are several modes like new battel royale, Campaign mode, and also some events you can join, there is also multiplayer mode.

Into the Dead 2. Zombie survival

This is the most realistic zombie survival game. There are lots of weapons in the battleground at the beginning that’s why this game is unique. When you level up in this game you get more destructive weapons.

The beauty of this game is gorgeous graphics that are engaging, the controls are easy. If you want to experience different types of gaming you can play this game. This game is graphics intensive and requires an internet connection.

Police and Cops Racing Games

The previous release of the Into the Dead 2. Zombie survival was big Lit. This is an improved version of the previous version in terms of story, controls, challenge, and visuals.

Dragon Ball Legends

Dragon Ball Legends is among few anime games in which characters have exact matching fighting style and power for there respective roles in the game. You play this game in portrait mode, to execute basic attacks, and to move in this game you use of swipe and tap. For heavy assaults and special attacks, you get power cards of different levels to use.

If we talk about the controls of this game, the controls are very easy to learn and master. Now let’s talk about the graphics and animation of this game that makes this game different from other anime action game, simply Graphics of this game is awesome.

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The story of this game directly draws from the super Saiyan Broly arc. If we talk about the gameplay mode – you can play in Story Mode as well as online battles. In online mode, you can play against a global opponent.

This game is Free to download from google play store.

Asphalt extreme

I personally love Asphalt games and I love to play Asphalt 9 legends. This asphalt series of gaming is offered by Gameloft. If you love off-roading gaming then this is definitely for you, where you compete with other races off-road.

This is a free game in which you get 5 game mode, more than 400 races, 500 challenges you also get 35 vehicles to race with and more on the way.

This game also comes with online multiplayer. In online mode, you can race against eight off-road players.

You will really love this game to play in online mode which becomes very intense. You can do lots of things in this game.

Last day on the Earth

Another in this list of best action games is-

This android action game is a survival game. If you want to capture another territory to protect your homeland and fight with zombies during the last days on earth, you should play this action game if you are excited to do stuff like mentioned above.

This is not just an action game, this is also a strategy based game because I think like real life you cannot carry everything of your need, because you are limited to carry weight, so you need to choose good things carefully.

For example, to keep yourself safe from zombies you need weapons, to travel between places you need energy means you need to feed yourself, In short words, you need to build a strategy.

While doing this stuff you also need to protect your lands, to do this you can build a tower to chat with your friends, but to build a tower you need to level – up in this game.

If you want to survive during the last day on earth you need patience. All are real people protecting their lands.

Nova legacy

If you love the cartoonish character, then this night is a game for you. Nova legacy is one of the best action games for android. You will enjoy the best sci-fi 3D FPS gaming.

You can play this game without internet. Basically this is a sci-fi FPS game where you will experience superior graphics.

If we talk about some features of this action game you will various customizable 3D skim and models and customizable weapons and tools to use in this game.

In an online multiplayer, you will get matchmaking option. This best action game is all about protecting our planet earth from an alien race.

This requirement of this game is not too high but you need at least 1 GB RAM and 615 GHz processor, this is free to download from the play store.

Low Mb Games for Android

Shadowgun Legends

This best action android game is offered by the developers who developed the very popular game called Dead Trigger 2 and Unkilled.

This is also a sci-fi FPS action game for android. In this game, you will have more than 700 models and more than 60 plus weapons.

This is a brilliant entertaining android game. This game is also about numbers and rewards. this game is free to download.

Injustice 2

Injustice 2 is last in our list of best action android games. This game is from Warmer Bros. This game is packed with superheroes from the DC universe, there is no compromise with graphics.

Here, you will experience a console-like gaming experience on your smartphone. In this game, you can make your friends participate in raids.

If you want to do better in the leader board you can join contests and PVP battles. This game has console-like graphics you will need a high – end smartphone.

I have mentioned earlier that some of these best action games for android are also available offline.

These best action games are very cool and thrilling and, I hope you enjoyed this list of best action games for Android that can thrill you in real-life. Apart from this if you have any suggestions for this type of game let me know in the comment box.

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