Gaming PC build under 20000- Play games at playable settings

Gaming PC build under 20000

If your a beginner and trying build a gaming pc with limited budget, it may sound overwhelming. While thinking of building a gaming pc is very mind consuming. 

We are here today to build a gaming pc under 20000 which will allow you to play games in 2021 at playable FPS(good settings). It is a budget pc build on which you can easily play games, but always keep in mind that you can play games, but you may not be able to enjoy at pickest point. 

Gaming pc under 10000

We limited to 20000 rupees budget, so we need to choose component very carefully. We will not be able to use best component. According to this budget we will be able to get great gaming exprience. However, we will also be able to do some light computing tasks on this pc.

PC build under 25000

We will not use gpu in this build, due to our limited budget, this build will be APU based pc build. 

Gaming PC build under 20000

We can also build this pc with intel processor and with dedicated gpu, that will increase price of this build. This build is based on AMD processor that is very good and allow us to game within our budget.

So, without any further delay let's start this gaming pc build under 20000. 

We will start this build with our processor.

CPU- AMD Ryzen 3 3200G

For this gaming pc build we will use AMD Ryzen 3 3200G, with Radeon Vega8 Graphics. I have already told you that, this is a APU based build so that we don't need to use dedicated gpu. This processor also comes with Wraith Stealth Cooling Solution, a fancy cooling system.

It has 4 cores & 4 threads with base clock of 3.6GHz and boost clock of upto 4GHz. It has cache memory of 6MB. It comes with standard 3 years warranty. So, this was our processor. Now let's talk about our second component that is called motherboard.
Right now on amazon this processor will cost you around 12999, but if you go to offiline market you will get this processor at very low price around 85000-9000.

Motherboard- GIGABYTE GA-A320M-S2H

This is one of the best motherboard for AMD Ryzen 3 3200G, for under 20000 build. This motherboard is fututre proof because it supports latest 9th generation processor. If you want to upgrade your pc you don't have to change your motherboard. It has anti-sulfur resistor design.
One more thing you should know about this motherboard is that you can use 32GB of RAM in this motherboard. If you are just getting started with your first gaming pc, then this is good motherboard for you. 
On Amazon this will cost you around 4500, but again in the offline market you can get this at cheaper price. 
Now let's talk about our next component that is called RAM.

RAM- HyperX Fury 4GB 2666MHz DDR4

For this, particular gaming pc we are going to use 4gb of RAM from HyperX. This RAM is clocked at 2666MHz. This RAM can reach upto 3466MHz. It has updated low-profile heat spreader design. It is intel XMP ready. 
Good thing is, you don't need to overclock this RAM, because it will automatically overclock itself to the supported memory frequency of your motherboard. On Amazon this will cost you around 2600. You can also use two of this RAM, for 8gb of memory size.

Storage- SSD or HDD

If you want smooth and fast performance, you should go with SSD(Solid State Drive), it is fast and will enhance your gaming exprience, but it is costly, if you go with 120gb SSD it will cost you around 2500. But if you go with HDD it will cost you around 3100 for 1 TB, but I will recommend you to go with SSD, you can also buy 240GB module around 3500. SSD also uses low power. It will drastically improve your performance. Best brand will WD, Segate & Crucial, you can go with any of them.
Now, let's talk about our next component.

PSU- Antec VP450P Plus 450 Watt

It is a 80 plus certified PSU. It is not a modular power supply. This psu is 85% efficient then other psu. This component is very crucial, because stability of a system depends on power supply. This is the component, which provide power to each and every component of your pc. For cooling it has 120mm fan. This PSU comes with standard 3 years warranty. 
You can also Corsair VS 450 PSU for this build, that is totally fine. But don't try to cut your cost in this component. Antec VP450P Plus 450 Watt will cost you around 2400.

Now, it's time to talk about our last component that is cabinet.

Cabinet- CHIPTRONEX X410B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet

For this gaming pc build I will recommend cabinet from Chiptronex named "CHIPTRONEX X410B Mid Tower ATX Cabinet". This is the best cabinet for this gaming pc build. It is a RGB mid tower atx cabinet. You will find dual RGB strip on the front pannel. It has 1 USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 port and a HD audio port. This cabinet can hold 2 HDD and 1 SSD so, you don't need to worry about storage if you want to upgrade your storage in future.

This cabinet has good cooling as well, it comes 120mm fan in the rear, you can also add from your side. And the most important thing, it has full acrylic side pannel, with this you can easily view inside of your machine to see what is happening.
It will cost you around 2200 online. 


This gaming pc will cost you around 22000, If you want to build this pc exactly below 20000, try to buy every component in the offline market. If you can get combo it will also decrease your cost. 
So, that's it for this 20k gaming pc build. On this pc, you can play games at low to medium settings on 720p on some games you can also play at1080p. Hopefully, now you can build your gaming pc within your budget. 

Don't forget to share you exprience in the comment below. 


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