PC build under 10000- 60 fps gaming [2021]

Are you looking to build a pc on which you can do your daily task easily like internet browsing, running lite software and watching videos, and some kind of gaming? Then read this article, in this article we are going to build a pc under 10000. In 2021, you can play games with at least 60fps(full HD 1080p). So, let's start this "PC build under 10000".

pc build under 10000

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First of all, I want to mention that this pc is going to be an Intel-based pc and one more thing you will not be able to play every game with good settings, come on this is "10000 pc build". But except for gaming, you can do everything as you can also do some basic video editing.

If you are on tight budget means, you cannot spend more than 10000 than you should build this PC but if you can invest more than this, then don't build this.

Now I will not burn your time, let's start this.

PC build under 10000

Processor- Intel Core i3 3240

We will start this from our processor, in this pc build, we are going to use Intel Core i3 3240 processor(it is a 3rd generation processor). Specification for this processor is listed below-

  1. Core clock- 3.4 GHz
  2. Cores- 2
  3. TDP- 55W
  4. Bus speed- 1600 Mhz
  5. Socket- LGA 1155
  6. Cach memory- 3 MB

In such type of pc build, Core 2 Quad, core 2 duo, and q9400(4 core 4 thread) types of the processor are used, but you should not use them, this processor far better than the above-mentioned processors. Intel Core i3 3240 uses better architecture than those and is more power-efficient. It easily beats Intel q9400, which has 4 core and 4 threads. Now you know why I am recommending this processor.

Now let's talk about Motherboard.

Motherboard- Gigabyte H61

This one is a very basic motherboard. Our processor will perfectly work with this motherboard. It can support up to 8GB of DDR3 RAM(1600 Mhz). You can easily pair some high-end graphics on this motherboard. Some GPUs are like- GTX 1050 and GTX 1650.

Now let's talk about RAM.

RAM- Hynix DDR3 1600 Mhz

For this 10k gaming PC build, we are going to use 4gb of RAM with 1600 Mhz clock speed, you can use any brand like- Hynix. Our motherboard has 2 RAM slot, so in furture we can 4gb of more RAM, that will make our PC more smooth. But right now we are on tight budget, so we will only use 4gb of RAM.

  1. Size- 4GB
  2. RAM Speed- 1600Mhz
Now we will talk about GPU.

Graphics Card

If you want to play games on this pc then a graphics card is required. For this pc build, we will use a "used graphics card", if we will try to use new graphics then it will drastically increase the price of this build. My recommendation for the GPU will be Nvidia gtx 750ti.

You will not find this GPU on Amazon and Flipkart. You may need to find this GPU on Olx and offline market. This card can easily found on aliexpress but this banned in India now so, you need to find this on Olx.in and in the offline market. So, this was our gpu now let's talk about our cabinet.


This is required for storing all of our component together. As we all know we are on tight budget so, we cannot use fancy or RGB cabinet. For this pc build we will use Zebronics Smash, Zeb-195B, this one is a very basic cpu cabinet. Specs for this cabinet is listed below. It can support Micro ATX and Mini ITX Motherboard 2 front USB and audio It can hold 1 SSD and 1 HDD It has thumb screw If you can find a cheaper cabinet than this then you can go with that. This cabinet is also good for pc build under 10000. Now moving to the PSU for this PC build.

Power supply unit- PSU

Power requirement for this pc is very low, so for this pc we will use 400w power supply. I will recomend Circle 400 Watt CPH698 V12 SMPS, this one very good for this pc build. You can also go with iball and Zebronics. This psu can easily be found on amazon and flipkart.
Atlast we will now talk about our storage.


For this pc build under 10000 we are not going to use a SSD, we will a 500gb HDD from Seagate. I think 500gb of hard disk will be enough for this build. But in future we can defenitely upgrade for more space.


That's it for this 2021 pc build under 10000. I hope you can now build your pc. I will recomend try to use used component but don't compromise with quality. Using used component will decrease the cost of this pc.

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