Nintendo Switch Price, specification and review

Nintendo Switch Price, Specification and Review

Nintendo Switch Introduction 2017 Model

In this post we will know, how the Nintendo switch holds up in 2019. Let's go ahead and see if this thing is still worth it if you buy it. Or you should wait for the successor of the Nintendo switch.

Nintendo Switch Price, specification and review

Let's go and find that out. 

This thing came out in 2017, so it is a bit over two years old now and honestly when this thing actually came out I, saw a lot of trailers and stuff for and at the time I don't know. I thought it was kind of like a gimmick you know because I saw the Nintendo Wii U, I saw even like the 3ds with the 3ds gimmick, I thought you know what why isn't it end up going to make another thing like the Wii U where it's like a console but you can hold in your hands.
I'm like they need to focus on one or the other like they should make a separate portable console and then a separate like at home console that you can play there and then honestly at that time that's what I thought but I was completely wrong. 

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You know within there even the first couple months that the switch was eventually released back in 2017 even in the early part of 2018 I saw people using it and playing with it. I saw a bunch of reviews and everything and I'm like man there is such a huge market that Nintendo tapped into and I think for me I'm more into portable consoles. 

But this gives you the best of both worlds and I think that's what really caught on for a lot of people. It's definitely a very very cool concept. It's a very cool idea that a Nintendo actually pushed out to the market.


Nintendo Body and Display

If we talk about the actual body of the Nintendo switch we have a 6.2 inch screen on the front this is the weird thing though it is 720p but at first when I actually picked it up, I thought it was a little high resolution I didn't think it was quite 1080p. 

I definitely thought it was higher than just straight-up just regular HD but I think Nintendo did a pretty decent job on the screen in the way it looks. But in the screen and the overall body of it is more like a tablet with joy cons on it it's not too heavy and honestly for some reason I'll tell you right now it isn't feel as premium as I thought. It was going to be hopefully the next version of the switch they will actually bring better build quality. 

Nintendo Switch Price, specification and review

It doesn't feel cheap but I don't know it just hit me the wrong way. The cool thing is though that is not only just touchscreen so it is a touchscreen panel but you also can slide joy cons which are just the controllers. It's just like any other console and I personally like this design a lot, you know it charges through the switch so you don't have to charge. The joy concept really or anything and I actually like this a lot. 

But here's the thing I think a few years later you know especially looking at it now I've read a lot about this and I have some experience with this too it's like the joy cons could definitely be improved. 

I feel like they can break so I think they could be a bit more premium and I thought it was just me maybe I picked up a faulty controller but I went ahead and looked online and a lot of other people are complaining about the same exact thing but ultimately I like the styling of the switch. I think the body of it is one of the best sellers and it looks so unique you know in a world where we had like the Nintendo DS's and PS, We have something that's kind of like a mash-up between those two. 

Cloud Gaming

It's touchscreen it kind of looks like PlayStation Vita to be honest but it's definitely in its own league in my opinion. Now one huge thing that I also want to hit on is that Nintendo seem to be focused more on the console itself and not so much on the gimmicks.



Nintendo Switch is not only just portable but it also doubles as like a console you can plug into your TV but I found that I actually like playing it as a portable console more and not so much as one connected to my television. I don't know why it's a television I'm gonna say TV whatever.

Nintendo Switch Price, specification and review

UI(User Interface)

 Now that all the logistics are out of the way you know turning it on we have switch you or switch us whatever they call it mine specifically is on 8.1 but apparently eight point one came out but I haven't updated to it yet but, I think I might have to because in order for me to play certain games like for night or whatever I think I have to be updated to the most recent version. So I don't really understand that or maybe I have to update the actual for a night game. 

Nintendo Switch Price, specification and review

But either or the newest version is 8.1 and and honestly I like switches UI a lot you know it seems like more refined than really everything else that I've seen. I think the Nintendo did a pretty good job in the UI.
With portable gaming consoles I wouldn't really be involved with it outside of gaming but you can get like YouTube and Hulu and like so many other tasks which are actually not that bad on a Nintendo switch.



Now talk about the battery of the the Nintendo Switch, battery life- the actual battery size of it is a 4300 mAh, battery it's not insanely impressive you know my 2ds from many years ago had amazing battery life my 2ds accel also has pretty good battery life but this is pretty average and I could pretty much claim that on two things so one because it's a bit older battery inside. 

Google Stadia

In simple words Nintendo Switch is still worth in 2019, if you are thinking of buying it, you should definitely buy. If you want to buy this Nintendo Swith you can buy it from here, Black Friday Deals, huge discounts on Gaming products.
Now we should talk about Nintendo Switch Specification.


Nintendo Switch Specification

  • Dimension- 4x9.4x.55 inch with joy-cons
  • Weight- 0.65 pound
  • CPU- Nvidia customized Tegra processor
  • RAM- 4GB
  • GPU- Nvidia customized Tegra processor
  • Screen Resolution- 1280x720
  • Device Storage- 32GB expandable
  • AV Output- HDMI
  • Bluetooth- Yes, 4.1
  • Ports- USB type-C, 3.5 headphone jack
  • Connectivity- 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac Wi-fi
  • Sensors- Accelerator, gyroscope, brightness and IR sensors
  • Screen Size- 6.3 inch capacitive touch screen
  • Battery- 4300 mAh lithium-ion battery battery life- 6hrs
  • NFC- Yes
  • Speakers- Stereo
  • Current Price-$299
Nintendo Switch Price, specification and review Nintendo Switch Price, specification and review Reviewed by Utsav Raj on November 26, 2019 Rating: 5

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