131 pro tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile- Rule The COD in Battel Royale Style.

131 tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile- Activision released Call of Duty Mobile and it is in my opinion the best first person shooter in the world of mobile gaming. It is completely free to play and has tons of options to customize your character and optimize your playstyle, but all this complexity can make it harder to get started so I am going to quickly run through 131 tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile.

Before I get into the different game types, I recommend going to your settings and then clicking on the sensitivity tab. As you scroll down, you will see a ton of different settings. I would not recommend touching any of these unless you are customizing them to your play-style. Rather, I recommend choosing a sensitivity preset. If you are a Casual Gamer and don't plan to play this game for more than a couple months, I recommend choosing the low sensitivity preset. Having a lower sensitivity will immediately make you better at getting kills, but as you climb in the ranks that low sensitivity will eventually give you a disadvantage.

If you are a hardcore gamer and you think you might be good enough to go pro, then you will probably want to choose the high sensitivity preset. This will immediately make you worse at the game, but over time as you practice a lot and eventually get used to the higher sensitivity, you will be able to do things that others cannot.

However, if you are not already a pro and you are older than 20 years old like me, then your reflexes are already on the decline and I do not recommend choosing a higher sensitivity. That being said, Activision added the option to increase your rotation acceleration which means the further you move your joystick, the more sensitivity you experience. If you are a decent gamer, I recommend keeping the sensitivity at Mid and increasing the speed acceleration just a little bit to 180.

Then I recommend clicking on the controls tab, choosing custom layout and then moving your operator skill down just a little bit so it is easier to click quickly. I then recommend moving your crouch and jump buttons a little bit further away from there respective position to make it easier on your thumb.

Then I recommend moving the scope button up a little bit and moving your knife little bit for your relief point. This button doesn't show up that often, but when it does do you need to be able to press it quickly so having it closer helps a lot.

Lastly, I choose to hide right-side sprint button because left side sprint button is a lot easier to use. This is in my opinion the best two finger configuration.

Obviously this is not a great configuration if you are a three or four finger mobile gamer. Call of Duty mobile is a free-to-play game, but they do make you work for it. As you play, you will get experience towards levels which unlocks new weapons, operator skills, grenades and perks.

You unlock your first full load out at Level 12 then your next ones at 27, 43, 75, and 105. For a full list of everything you can unlock, click on your picture and scroll through what you get at each level. Currently, the highest level in the game is 150.

As you use the new weapons in the game, they gain experience and can level up as well. There are 10 levels total and they get better stats as they level up, but with each level, you unlock attachments that allow you to customize the weapon. Because these attachments have static increases, it is generally better to choose attachments that buff the weakest element of that gun.

For example, if a gun has a high rate of fire but low damage, increasing its damage is going to be far more effective than increasing its rate of fire. This is, of course, not always true. In the case of the sniper rifle, you may want to increase its damage first to make sure you secure a kill, or if a specific weapon attachment works best for your play style.

In this post I'm not going to get into those details because I'm just covering general tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile.

The first game mode: Frontline.

Frontline is a classic style of five versus five where each team has its own side of the map. This makes it a lot easier to predict where your enemies are going to be, which makes Frontline the easiest game mode.

 It has a lot of different maps, so it's best to have at least one long range and one short range loadout preset to choose from. Those two presets can be the same gun, but you might use different modifications on that gun depending on the size of the map. Perks are highly dependent on your playstyle, but as you are figuring that out, my recommendation is to use the perks silent steps, toughness, and quick recovery because they are a very powerful combo.

Since Frontline has set sides, finding a way to flank the enemy is the best way to get a ton of kills quickly. However, this usually puts you on the enemy's side, so you don't want to linger there for too long. Ideally, your team would come in and close the gap because the ultimate goal in Frontline is to establish good, secure positions close to the enemy's spawn point. Now, you don't want to get too close, because they spawn with 5 seconds of invulnerability. But, if you can get a good position just beyond that area, your team can easily create a deadly crossfire that the enemy is slowly funneled into. Each map is a little bit different.

Second Game Type is Team DeathMatch.

The second game type is called Team DeathMatch. This is very similar to Frontline, but rather than a designated spawn point, you spawn near your team even if your team is in a bad position. Also, the games are only 40 points rather than 50.

The ultimate goal in this game type is to make sure your team establishes good positioning. Because Call of Duty Mobile has such a high damage to hit point ratio, good positioning is usually not a location.

While some locations are better than others, there are very few locations that are good enough to justify staying in the same place because the enemy teammates knowledge of where you are will give them the upper-hand.

In fact, even if you find the perfect hiding place where no one will see you, all it takes is one accidental shot in your direction and your entire health bar will light up alerting your enemy to where you are.

So because of this, the best teams are able to keep a good positioning while moving throughout the map so that the other team never catches on. This consists of finding good advantage points while staying close enough together that you can defend each other if one of you gets attacked.

If you are leading your team as you move, one tactic that helps a lot is starting to shoot before your round a corner. Personally I find this kind of stupid and hope they change this, but regardless of how I feel, it has made a big difference in how many kills I get and I've noticed that most of the people that kill me are using this tactic.

Perhaps if Activision Buff's the Quick Draw attachment, it will make this tactic less needed. The third game type is Domination, which is your classic zone of control game type. In Domination there are three zones. One by each team and one in the middle. Every zone your team captures gives one point for every 4 seconds that you keep that zone. 100 points wins the game so essentially the game is a race for which team can own 400 seconds worth of zones first.

Since the game is still brand new, I recommend sending three of your teammates to skip the middle zone and run immediately towards the zone closest to the enemy spawn point. I have noticed that most teams don't guard their initial base so instead of fighting it out at zone B, just send two people to slow the other team down while capturing their initial zone. This will end with your team owning 2 zones while the other team only has the middle zone which is usually the hardest zone to defend. This is of course not a sure win, but it will give you a significant head start.

After that, it is important not to focus on kills. Even though kills are important for getting MVP, they have no bearing on winning the game. Rather, focus on capturing zones or defending the ones you. In fact, baiting someone to chase and kill you while your team owns more zones, can make the difference between winning and losing a game.

After a team reaches 50 points, the two teams will restart on opposite sides while keeping the points that they already have. After that, the first team that reaches 100 points will win the whole match.

Search and Destroy

The fourth game type is Search and Destroy. This consists of 10 Rounds, but you only have one life in each round. The first five rounds are with one team trying to detonate a bomb in one of two locations while the other team attempts to stop them.

Then after five rounds, the defending team has 5 chances to plant the bomb. The game is over as soon as one team wins 6 rounds. In my experience, most of these games just end with whichever team kills the other five first, but sometimes the bomb plays a role.

If you are the team with the bomb, it is very important that you never take the same route more than twice. If your team is really talented, you might get away with it, but taking the same route over and over again gives the other team a significant advantage so I strongly recommend changing it up every three rounds.

Battel Royale

The fifth game type is a Battle Royale. There are a lot of Battle Royale games out there and in my opinion Call of Duty mobile took the best attributes of every type and combined them into the perfect blend while simultaneously staying true the Call of Duty genre.

That being said, there are six main things that are different about Call of Duty Battle Royale. The first one is that you will be asked to choose between one of seven classes. These classes are very important, but they are also limited to one per team, so it is important to know how to be successful at multiple classes.

The ninja is in my opinion the best class for a solo player because it reduces your sound when moving and you have a grappling hook which is very effective for getting out of trouble quickly. The Scout is a much better team player because he has a sensor dart that you can shoot revealing hostile positions and has the ability to track enemies.

The medic can place a medical station which creates a pretty powerful field of healing and can revive people faster. The defender takes less damage and can place a shield to give your team defense even in places that there are none. The mechanic has a knack for finding vehicles and can summon an EMP drone which can shut down enemy vehicles and I believe their minimap radars.

The Airborne class doesn't exist yet but it will allow you to quickly move your team from one point to another and the clown can summon a toy bomb which can in turn summon zombies which attacks other units near them. The clown also makes your team less likely to be attacked by zombies which leads us to the second big difference of this Battle Royale in that often zombies appear and attack you.

Fighting these zombies can often bring attention to your team allowing other teams to know where you are. You can of course run away from these zombies, but that requires running which can also bring attention to your team so I recommend just killing them quickly and then finding cover to see if your were spotted.

The third difference is that the items are categorized in gray, green, blue, purple and orange uniqueness levels. Finding an orange weapon or attachment with the same name as your gray weapon or attachment is going to have significantly better stats. They fourth change is that there is a boss location on the map.

This boss(Zombie) is not that difficult to kill, especially if you have a team helping you, but it is important to note that the main danger in killing this boss is that you have to fire your weapon while in the middle of the field thus bringing attention to your team when you are in a vulnerable position. After you kill the boss, he will drop tons of purple and even orange items so he is definitely worth it if you can get away with it.

The fitth change is that vehicle weapons are actually worth using. They're incredibly powerful and often worth the risk of exposing yourself. I'm really glad they did this, because honestly, in real life, a vehicle mounted gun is going to be far more effective than one you could hold. they also have a helicopter you can fly which is pretty dope.

And then the last change that I noticed is that the starting knife is much more powerful in that it will one shot anyone with lower than lvl 2 armor, but the range is pretty low so if you want to kill someone with your knife, it is important to get really really close to them.

So those are the main differences between this battle royale and others. After that, Activision has stated plans to release a 6th game type which I believe involves defending against waves and waves of zombies but unfortunately that game type has not been released yet so I can't give you any tips on it. However, when it is released, I will be sure to make a tutorial on that game type.

So those are the main game types, but in addition to those 112 tips and tricks, I have 19 more for you. After crouching, you can hold down the button again to lay down completely. Tapping the Crouch button while running will make your character slide which makes you almost impossible to hit for that second and is somehow faster than running itself.

Make sure to check your mini-map often. This will give you good map awareness and it will also keep you aware of where your teammates are at so that if you hear footsteps coming from a different direction, you will know that they are from your enemies. If you click the thumb, it will allow you to paint your emblems on a wall, but you can only do one so if you paint another one the first one will disappear.

 It seems like the game designed these just for decoration, but I have found that they can also be useful for marking a spot for your team on maps that are a little bit repetitive.

For example, if you noticed that the enemy keeps using a certain window or door, it might be nice to mark it and then tell your team about it in voice chat. When playing ranked games, it can be easy to focus on how many kills you get, but if for whatever reason you end up dying more times then you get kills, you are actually hurting your team. That being said, focusing only on your kill to death ratio is also not the best metric for how are you are helping your team because if you are working as a team, sometimes your death can result in your team getting three extra kills.

So the best way to ensure that you are contributing is to manage your kill to death ratio while sticking close enough to your team that you can guard each other's backs. In battle royale, your class skills can be upgraded to more powerful ones by visiting the blue stations throughout the map. This is a really cool feature.

On the other game types, you get to use the 3 ScoreStreaks you have chosen. The number attributed to each scorestreak is the number of points you need to earn to use that ability. Dying resets this number unless you have the persistence perk.

The first one available is the UAV which reveals all enemy locations on the map. Do not underestimate the power of the UAV. It is a low cost and knowing where your enemies are is incredibly helpful to your team. I have a feeling that this will be the favorite scorestreak among the pros.

The second one is the hunter killer drone which is great when you're first starting off, but it is also pretty easy for advanced players to dodge so I would not recommend this as you increase in rank. The airdrop gives you a random scorestreak even though it's price is pretty low which sounds great on paper, but in functionality, it is my least favorite of the scorestreaks because it can be a hassle to place it and it can often just give you a UAV or Drone.

131 tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile

The Counter UAV can be incredibly effective if used right before your team engages with the other team, but it does require a lot of team work to maximize. The Predator missile is pretty amazing. Advanced players do get pretty good at getting cover to avoid this missile, but if you are skilled at using it, you will likely be able to kill them before they can Run for Cover.

The Sam turret is great for taking out enemy player scorestreaks As long as you make sure to place them where they have a view of the sky. The sentry gun is a pretty good defense, but honestly the best use for the sentry gun is to zone a player into making a bad decision. It is pretty strong and does quite a bit of damage, but a skilled player can easily avoid them if they are left by themselves.

I do not have the stealth Chopper yet, but I've seen other players use it and it is incredibly effective at getting quite a few kills. And then lastly the hover jet will rain 50 caliber machine guns on your enemies which is amazing, but it also requires 1600 points which is extremely difficult to get in between deaths.

And then for my last tip, I recommend watching gameplay videos of talented Call of Duty players that explain what they're thinking while they play so that you can learn from them. I am by no means a pro at this game, but I am pretty good and I usually do the good job of explaining what I'm thinking as I play.

That's it for this post. Hope that helps.
131 pro tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile- Rule The COD in Battel Royale Style. 131 pro tips and tricks for Call of Duty Mobile- Rule The COD in Battel Royale Style. Reviewed by Utsav Raj on November 04, 2019 Rating: 5

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