Top 10 Action Movies- Watch Hollywood Movies Online

Top 10 Action Movies- Watch Hollywood Movies Online

Today we're going to list the top 10 action movies with the most action, for this list we're looking at the most action-packed films ever released be it with stunts gunplay hand-to-hand combat high-speed chases or big set pieces these films prove they don't know the meaning of overkill. Find top action movies of all time. We will start number 10.

top action movies watch hollywood movies online
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Top 10 Action Movies

 10. Furious 7

Few franchises make it to seven films and when they do it's rarely a good thing for The Fast and the Furious series however the seventh time up to bat was easily among the best from humble beginnings as a modestly budgeted racing slash action franchise Fast and Furious has been fine-tuned into a well-oiled high-octane cinematic juggernaut Furious 7 is a franchise operating at peak performance and it raised the bar for the blockbuster action flicks to follow it is hectic it is over-the-top and it has very little respect for the laws of physics human frailty or common sense but you know what we wouldn't have it any other way. 

IMBD Ratings: 7.2

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 9. Dredd 

It is the film that comic book icon Judge Dredd deserved and far too few people have seen it dismissed by some is a b-list superhero flick and simply unheard of by others Dredd is a sci-fi action movie that earns its are rating thanks to a perspective altering drug used by the characters called slow-mo the excessive carnage and gore of its bone-crunching fight scenes is all captured in super slow motion turning the action into a bloody work of cinematic art gritty and unflinching Dredd takes us on a relentless ride with the titular law-enforcement officer as he serves as judge jury and executioner in a crime ridden tower block.

IMBD Ratings:7.1


 8. Commando

Commando if you ever find yourself beginning to doubt Arnold Schwarzenegger status as an action icon as he gets older throw on commando and allow him to blow you away all over again as John matrix Arnie is a one-man army that's only too happy to mow down the seemingly endless supply of cannon fodder henchmen thrown his way hey sometimes in movie land saving the day just means decimating any and all potential opposition according to movie body counts commn matrix accumulates a whopping 81 corpses to his name operating at the pace he does it's a wonder he didn't run out of bullets or breath because we were certainly short on the ladder remember Sally when I promised to kill you last.

IMBD Ratings: 6.7


 7.  The Matrix Reloaded

 I personally loved this action movie. The first matrix film struck a perfect balance between high concepts and satisfying action after that however things got a little convoluted people are quick to write off both sequels but history is a bad habit of focusing on a sequels fault and overlooking what it got right and boy oh boy did the Matrix Reloaded ever get the action right ignore the labyrinthine themes if they don't interest you and simply bask in the glory of those masterfully choreographed physics defying fight scenes need we remind you of the highway fight guns vehicular mayhem serious fights what more could you ask for with reloaded the Wachowski has delivered a one-of-a-kind action extravaganza back.

IMBD Ratings:7.2


6. Hardcore Henry

 White boy we would like to remind you that at no point did we claim this was going to be a best-of lists we are here for action as much as we can get trying heavily on video games for influence hardcore Henry puts you in the first-person perspective of the titular Henry and never deviates after henry wakes up in a lab with cybernetic prosthetics he fights his way through hordes of henchmen for most of the film's 96 minute runtime it's often thrilling occasionally nauseating and by the end of the film downright exhausting the story is inconsequential as are the characters this is 100% pure uncut action the grenade a day keeps the enemy at bay.

IMBD Ratings: 6.7

5.  John wick chapter 2

In 2014 Keanu Reeves and director chats to house key resurrected the type of action hero we didn't think could exist in the modern action landscape a simple grim and thoroughly human protagonist who holds an audience's attention without huge set pieces in 2017 John wick chapter two they perfected that formula polishing and intensifying the deeply satisfying gunplay in close quarter combat that earned the first film such praise a magnet for viewers wick moves breathlessly from one conflict to the next showing signs of wear and tear after each encounter it's an exhilarating ride and a true master class in action filmmaking and pacing consider this a professional courtesy.

 IMBD Ratings: 7.5  

4. Crank high voltage

Just yes-man the first crank was just as its premise promised a non-stop and often over-the-top action film experiment you'd think that they couldn't really crank the dial any higher but then this sequel hit theaters cranked high voltage is in a word absurd Jason Statham Chev Chelios literally needs to electrocute himself to keep his artificial heart going at least long enough to retrieve his actual heart when he's not sprinting punching thugs throwing guys out of cars or hooking up jumper cables to his tongue he can be found trying to create static electricity by rubbing up on strangers or having sex like we said it's absurd but it's also never boring equip yourself is already done.

IMBD Ratings: 6.2

3. The raid redemption

 This Indonesian action film by director Gareth Evans is a movie that knows what it wants to be from the outset and follows through on its mission statement start to finish a bloody bone-crushing good time it follows rookie Special Forces member Rama as he fights his way through an apartment block run by villainous crime Lord Tama Rama gets few breaks in the film but the audience gets even fewer with multiple fights happening simultaneously throughout the building Evans and his team deliver one thrilling display of martial arts after another our only real issue with the film was that it ended thankfully there is a worthy sequel.

IMBD Ratings: 7.6

2. Mad Max fury Road

Mad Fury Road has often favorably been described as one long car chase it's not exactly true though before that incredible never-ending chase kicks off we first get a thrilling reintroduction to our titular character as he's kidnapped and branded by the war boys only to subsequently attempt to escape from its opening scene the film rarely lets up on the action and thanks to George Miller's unique vision and frenetic camerawork every shot is imbued with violent energy.

IMBD Ratings: 8.1


1. shoot Em Up

The title says it all this film is an unabashed celebration of gunplay we first meet our reluctant hero Smith sitting at a bus stop shopping on a carrot alla Bugs Bunny when a distraught pregnant woman hobbles past pursued by a hit man he can't help but begrudgingly involve himself mere minutes later he's delivering a baby while blasting bad guys away from this point on the film rarely slows down and when it does it's only to lay the groundwork necessary to keep the plot moving as soon as that's done the bullets start flying again shoot-em-up pushes the action to a cartoonish level.

IMBD Ratings:  6.7

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