Best 5 free VPN for your Internet Privacy Use/Download For Free

In this post, we are going to list the best five VPNs(Virtual Private Network). VPN in layman's terms is your internet connection gets thrown to a different server in another city or another country and when you're on your computer doing various different things browsing the internet.

Best 5 free VPN for your Internet Privacy Use/Download For Free

List of Best 5 VPN

  1. Nord VPN
  2. Cyber Ghost
  3. PureVpn
  4. IPvanish
  5. Tourguard
For More detail refer to the article below.

For example, by using a VPN your IP address is Maersk so your IP address will be different it won't be your own and there are many many advantages of VPN.

So let's get started with our best five VPN.

 Nord VPN

Best 5 free VPN for your Internet Privacy

Nord VPN on Mac OS, this is available on many different platforms which we'll get to one thing that people like about Nord VPN is the fact that it is based in Panama. This means they operate under the jurisdiction of Panama in which there are no mandatory data retention laws.

So one reason why people use VPNs is they don't want their online activity hacked or tracked so one thing that often people think is paramount about a VPN is the fact that there are no logs taken.
So again the VPN is based in Panama. When you click on the connect button there it would simply connect you to the last server that you, use so that's nice and easy to use.
You've also got up here a server list so you can search by country and then you can search by the server as well.

All servers are onion over VPN standard VPN servers and p2p as well. And again you can search just on their first specific one as well and it would give you a list of all of the different servers available.

It tells you how far away they(server) are and it gives you a server load percentage as well. So you can identify one that's appropriate for you. Lots of great stuff on this VPN, not the biggest list out of every single VPN, but still a fair amount of servers for sure and reliability.

Generally you get a pretty good connection and on the whole outside of occasional problems, it works pretty great. Now with Nord VPN, you can also use onion over VPN, which actually connects the VPN server that you're using and the Tor network.

And for those who don't know the Tor network, Tor Network is a kind of works in a similar sort of way but the connection between your IP address and what you're trying to actually view on the Internet is taken through a series of intermediates again increasing your anonymity.

And people often want this again so that they don't have prying eyes on them and they're not tracked by advertisers, for example, watching and flooding your every move with their specific products.
Now if you go onto the website as you can see there it's been recommended by lots of different companies it's also got pricing which we'll get to and it's got the full list of things that it does military-grade encryption browsing without a trace.

Become a virtual tourist protect all of your devices so you can actually with one account. I believe have up to five different devices. It's either five or six it's actually six, six different devices you can have at the same time under one account very very good. Nord VPN is available on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS and Linux, etc... 24/7 assistance.  And then we've got the pricing planet.

Cyber Ghost

Best 5 free VPN for your Internet Privacy

Cyberghost right so on the cyber ghost interface and it will vary from platform to platform like with Nord it works on many different platforms and you have your favorites up the top left-hand side all servers here for downloading, for streaming.

Connection feature smart walls as well you can either search via country again on the left-hand side it tells you the distance from where you are and again it has server load on the percentage section here as well now cyberghost, I believe is actually based in Romania and it boasts around 15 million active users so them sort of numbers speak for itself it has changed owners in recent years but it's kind of just gone from strength to strength.

In terms of the number of servers I believe there are over 2900 servers and over 59 different countries. The main four platforms are Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS and you can also set up custom connections with Linux devices.

So if you wanted to connect you can choose from the best location. You also get a section specific for streaming so you've got BBC, iPlayer, and Netflix here. So you can click on a BBC iPlayer then you simply click on that and then we are now connected and it gives you, your brand new IP address there now onto the website again.

It does have some great points so you can download and upload any file securely no matter what your connection type is choosing from individual servers dedicated to torrenting with no bandwidth limitations etc... 

Some good speeds, again if you select the right server. often servers closer to you, you will get a better connection but that isn't always the case so it is good to kind of shop around with your servers. Now streamers out there, this is also a good VPN for that, because as you cannot access geo locked content so if,

For example you're going on a holiday from the UK and you like watching BBC iPlayer and it's not available if you go to Spain, for example, it would just say not available in your region you log into your VPN you'd select a server in the UK and it would open up BBC iPlayer. For you and Netflix the same so cyberghost was number two in the list of our best VPN.


Best 5 free VPN for your Internet Privacy

Pure VPN  gets onto this list for one main specific reason. What this does have in abundance is it is so simple to use and it's very customizable. Now in terms of the actual app interface, I think they could do a bit of work I don't feel it necessarily looks the nicest compared to some of the others.
It's got the United States already in there you can literally just press connect but what you can also do is then click on that little arrow in the selected server and it gives you all the servers within your selected server.

But another great thing is the change mode, you can go for streaming you can have Internet freedom security and privacy, file-sharing and dedicated IP as well. So it has specific modes which some of the other VPNs don't have.

That is again a good thing if we go to the purevpn website, does say it's the world's fastest VPN service now a lot of these companies will say this in so many words and they can't all be right so take that certainly with a pinch of salt but, purevpn does also have the internet kill switch so you can remain in control of your privacy security and anonymity.

Even when the VPN connection drops which again is something that certain VPNs do and others don't. You've also got split tunneling so you can choose which data to send through your ISP and which through the VPN connection so that's quite a unique feature.

 Sort of balls down to that customization that I mentioned earlier often people don't want to be sending all of their internet traffic down a VPN connection and sometimes they'll want to just send it through their internet service provider or ISP again you can choose up to five different devices, 24/7 support again as well.

A lot of people like where they're based in this case it's Hong Kong based. They're not required to keep any data so purevpn was my third of five best vpn lists.


Best 5 free VPN for your Internet Privacy

ipvanish A very very popular VPN especially over the last couple of years let's find out why right so here is ipvanish.

ipvanish like I said has been very popular over the last couple of years. They did get into a bit of trouble with keeping logs a few years ago, but the company has changed hands since. like with cyberghost they've kind of gone from strength just you've got quick-connect option server list in your account here and down is where you can either select your country your city or this specific server as well.

So on the surface it's a little bit more complicated than something like purevpn. It does give you the chance to really go in and select exactly what you want so your quick connector will basically just connect you to the one that you love will last on and your server list here is loads of different countries and servers.

They do boast a large array of servers and some of the quickest speeds as well it will vary from server to server and you can get some really bad connections equally. you can get some great ones.

If we head over to the website they always run 60% off ipvanish here don't be fooled by this they do do cheaper prices. So if you do not wanted to get hacked on public Wi-Fi for example with people taking all of your information and you can surf the web again without a trace zero logs policy which they got done for a few years ago but like I said exchange hound since 256 bit AES encryption anonymous torrenting unlimited p2p traffic and loads more on here.

 Now we're on to our final VPN of the day I'm exhausted to be honest I'm on VPN doubt I'm Virtual Private Network tout so number 5 my final best VPN in this post is tour guard.

Tour Gaurd

Best 5 free VPN for your Internet Privacy

Tour guard and for the last time let's find out why so this is tour guard online privacy protection services and you have here again in terms of design not the best but it is certainly functional you got all your server countries on the left hand side there you can also filter through Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Oceania and Africa as well.

You can also sort by alphabetical reverse and alphabetical usage and proximity as well. so that's very easy if you want a specific server. Yeah easy to do it's not the most user-friendly. They have a very strict no-logging policy you can use Netflix with it.

You can torrent with it, and it is packed with all the essential features anonymous IP5. Simultaneous connections of 3,000 plus servers, 50 plus countries the classic 256 bit AES encryption. The list goes on and tour guard servers have built-in DNS and ipv6 leak protection. 

A great thing about Tour guard is, you can actually set it so that your internet completely shuts off, if and when the VPN drops out. Tour guard is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and tomato reuters etc...

Really solid speeds for pretty much everything you can possibly want to do for the average consumer. They've also got dedicated IP addresses for streaming as well. So tunnel type you've got open VPN and open connect protocol. You've got UDP and TCP. Simple things like auto connect tour guard.
At launch more settings in here app kills Scripps Networks II servers and debug as well so, there is lots to customize. It's quite a sophisticated VPN. It's just not the most user-friendly. For Tour Guard, your free trial available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and Wi-Fi routers.

Stealth VPN protocols money-back guarantee surf the web without restrictions always fast never oversold and if we just go up these are the prices so the actual pricing is pretty respectable as well and most of them just have three options the tour guard has four.

That's it for this post of best 5 VPNs, keep in mind all VPNs has money back gaurantee, and almost all of them have free trial.
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