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Here in this post, we are going to learn how to open adfly link in India in 2019. Before going to our main topic we will know what exactly URL Shortner is? How do they work? and How you can earn money form Link Shortner?

URL Shortner How to Earn From URL Shortener

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Earning money from URL shortener is very easy you just have to short a link share that links whenever you get to click on that link you earn money.  How URL shortener website pay you, when you promote the shorten link and someone clicks on that link some ads are shown before reaching the destination web page for this URL shortener website are paid by advertiser and publisher means you get some share of that profit from the URL shortener website, they do not pay you for just for shortening the link.

 In this article, we are going to learn how to open ADFLY Link in India in 2019 we all know the adfly is a link shortener, and this is also a Banned URL Shortener. So many people use this link shortener to earn money online. If you use adfly link shortener then you should definitely read this article.  Adfly is banned in India. So here we will learn how to open the adfly link in India.
Adfly is like, this is also a URL shortener which is used to short a link. The diiferent between both of them is adfly pays to you for every click. This has been banned by the Department of Telecommunication of India, means you cannot use this in India.

But there are so many software, youtube intro template, and games, their download links have been shorten by using adfly link shortener, to open that link you must have to open adfly website.  Follow below-given steps to open links and to download anything which are shortened by adfly.

  • First, copy the adfly link and open it in a browser.
  • Now you have to replace "" to "" for example
  • You have this link you want to open this you just have to do like this
  • now you have opened the adfly link successfully.

That's it. In this post, we learned how to open adfly link in India in 2019. If you liked this post please share this with your friends for more information like this, subscribe to our newsletter.
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