Top 5 Cricket Games for Android 2019

If you are a cricket fan then you must have heard about  "Yeh Game Hai Mahan", I don't know about any other country but in India Cricket is like festival. Go through this article you will find top 10 Cricket games for android. We as a Indian love Cricket. We all love to play cricket on ground and in street all day but what if it is raining it is not football, don't worry here in this Cynur Post we are going to list  cricket games for android that you can play right from your bed or couch. We all know India loses ICC World Cup Final against England due to bad weather(my personal opinion), but you can win cricket world-cup championship from your bed. Get ready and download cool andriod cricket games.

best cricket games for andriod  cynur

There are lots of cricket games available in Google Play store that you can play but here in this post we are listing latest cricket games for android.

Top 10 Cricket Games for Android

  1. Stick Cricket Premier League
  2. World of Cricket
  3. Big Bash Cricket
  4. Real Cricket 19
  5. World Cricket Championship 2
  6. Stick Cricket Super League
  7. Epic Cricket
  8. Cricket T20 Fever 3D
  9. WCC Rivals
  10. Smash Cricket

 Stick Cricket Premier League

This game is very low Mb game and its size is just 26 Mb, you can easily play this game on you smartphone with the requirement of high CPU power. This is the clone of IPL(Indian Premier League), you choose your favorite IPL as your team here. 

best cricket games for andriod

Create your captain, build your dream team, In this game your role is of batsmen. You just have to chase the target score and off course you have to defend yourself. In this game there is huge demand of you  from Mumbai to Melbourne . 

Very easy controls you don't need to master any skills to play this game. One more thing you recruit coach for your team. This game has two optical buttons press them according to coming ball and score huge runs for your dream team. It has over 5 millions plus downloads.

World of Cricket

Download best cricket game for android for hitting boundaries and sixes. This has cartoony touch, and this is especially designed for cricket batsmen in this game you can smash 25 types of cricket shots to score run for your team.

best cricket games for andriod

If you are a bowler then this game will also serve you and will help you to spend your time by playing your favorite game. 
This game has Indian players name but not exact name due to copyright, but you can understand. Download this low Mb game to enjoy your cricket.

Best WWE games for Android
You can play this with your friends or in multiplayer mode. It has 16 different country to play against.
In this game there is different modes you can play some of them are- quick play, Multiplayer, Test Match, Tournaments, T20 cup and Challenge Mode. This is absolutely free on Google Play Store. It has over 10 millions plus downloads.  


 Big Bash Cricket

This game is based on KFC Big Bash League. Players can participate in T20 format. This tournament is played in Australia in springtime. This game is replicate of KFC Big Bash League.

big bash cricket

Big Bash Cricket has 8 teams that you can choose just like in real-life tournament. Players has original name. Download this game from Google Play Store to enjoy this game.

 It has over 1 millions plus download. You can play for men as well as for women. It has realistic graphics, you can play all most every shots of cricket. Big Bash Cricket has three playing modes Challenge Mode and Tournament mode. 

Real Cricket 19

This is the successor of the Real Cricket 18. This game is very good for a cricket enthusiast. This game has features from previous version and also have exciting new features. It has better game play and attractive game-play. In this game bowler can choose where they want to bowl and it has option to play Test Cricket Match. 

real cricket 19

As in international cricket it has HotSpot, Snicko and Decision Review System. Such type of features makes this game more realistic. It has stadium with progression. 

Most played shots by player in this game, game recognizes most played shot and play that same shot in different actions. This makes the game more enjoyable. This game has more than 10 million plus download, size of this game is 409 Mb. 


World Cricket Championship 2

It has top end graphics, and this has best graphics out of all cricket games listed here. This game has three different playing modes you can choose- Test Cricket, One Day International and T20 Format. In this game so many shots are available some of them are Upper-Cut, Helicopter shot and Dil-scoop.

 You can customize our players and with customized banners. It has scintillating animations, cricket venue, new controls and new camera angles.

cricket games for andriod

It has multiplayer mode you can play with local or online rivals. 28 bowling action and 150 different batting animations. World Cricket Championship 2 has 18 different international teams, 10 domestic team and 42 stadiums. In quick play mode it has night mode with LED Stumps. The size of this game is 380 Mb and it has over 10 million plus download. 

That's it for this top 5 cricket games for android game, we hope found your favorite one, if yes then go and download your favorite android cricket game and enjoy your day.
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