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In this post we are going to take a look of Logitech Gaming Software(LGS). If you are using Logitech devices, then this software is good for maintaining your all Logitech devices. Here you will get all information related to Logitech latest software G Hub and related tutorial. LGS is the way for your Logitech Gaming Peripherals.
Every gaming hardware manufacturer develops their own software, to customize peripheral to reach new heights in customization. You will not get any customization options for Windows mouse or gaming peripherals.

Download Logitech Gaming Software

What is Logitech Gaming Software?

First thing, this software does not use too much power or you can say resource from your system it runs in the background. It makes all process of setting up personalizing Logitech devices for gaming purpose easy by using lots of options for customization.
Specification of Logitech Gaming Software and Benefits
With the help of LGS you can create custom macros, bindings and commands which you can assigns to gaming profiles or for any specific games. In LGS it provides default customization settings for some games like League of Legends and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 etc. LGS will automatically detect the game which you are playing and will switch to perfect profile for that game. This feature of LGS is pretty good.

Their is one more feature which I will explain with an example-

If the peripheral you are using(keyboard or mouse) have their own onboard memory LGS will save preference and settings that you are using, which will also work after changing your system. You need not to install Logitech Gaming Software on new PC for customization.
LGS will allow you to control DPI sensitivity and RGB tuning and will also customize profiles for different surfaces and can monitor your battery level. You can also program your buttons with Logitech Gaming Software.
It can track your key press and key duration by using heat map functions that monitors your frequency at which keys are pressed and for how long time.

What is Logitech G Hub?

Logitech G Hubs is almost similar to Logitech Gaming Software, but this is especially designed for Logitech peripherals. G Hub will replace LGS for all Logitech peripherals launched after and onward 2019.

How to download and Install Logitech Gaming Software?

  • Download the Logitech Gaming Software Installer from Logitech website. Normal Download.
  • After downloading the installation file, click on that file to open installation wizard. and follow the installation process step by step, you can install this just like other software installation process. LGS supported Logitech peripherals
This software is specially designed for gamers, LGS works well with Logitech peripherals.

Here is the list of Supported Logitech Gaming Peripherals:

  • C920S HD Pro Webcam
  • G100s Optical Mouse
  • G403 Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G11 Gaming Keyboard
  • G13 Advanced Game board
  • G15 Gaming Keyboard
  • G19 Gaming Keyboard
  • G19s Keyboard for Gaming
  • Logitech G502 LightSpeed Gaming Mouse
  • G203 Prodigy Gaming Mouse
  • G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • G29 Driving Force Racing Wheel
  • G300s Optical Gaming MouseG302 
  • Daedalus Prime MOBA Gaming Mouse
  • G303 Daedalus Apex Performance edition Gaming Mouse
  • G305 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse
  • G35 surround Sound Headset 
  • G400s Optical Mouse
  • G402 Hyperion Fury Ultra-Fast Gaming Mouse
  • G410 Atlas Spectrum RGB Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G430 Surround Sound Gaming Headset
  • Wireless Gaming Headsets G930
  • HD Pro Webcam C920
  • Artemis Spectrum RGB 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  • G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G810 Orion, Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G9 Laser Mouse
  • G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional Grade Wired/Wireless Gaming Mouse
And lots more.


 How to add device in Logitech Gaming Software?


Just plug your gaming peripheral in USB port of system and LGS will automatically detect it. This also applies for wireless gaming peripherals.
Specification of Logitech Gaming Software Version 9.02.65

This new version was released recently by Logitech here is some specification related to LGS new version.

  • File Size- 120 MB
  • OS- Windows/macOS
  • Option for create FPS style mapping for POVs/D-Pad
  • D-pad/mini joystick swap on Dual Action Pad
  • Using control pannel you can swap Left/Right mini joystick on the Logitech Dual Action Pad
  • Can Set axis properties in profile for Combined Axis on wheels.
  • Command support for pause and Num Lock keys

Some other added support for

  • G513 Silver RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G513 Carbon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
  • G512 Carbon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

In this update Logitech added some new gaming titles

  • Assassin's Creed Origins
  • Call Of Duty: WWII
  • Destiny 2
  • Fortnite
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Metal Gear Survive
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of War
  •  Projects Cars 2
  • South Park The Fractured But Whole 
  • Star Wars: Battlefront II
  • The Evil Within 2
  •  Wolfenstein II: The Colossus

Above were the some useful information about Logitech Gaming Software. If you are using this from early, you can update your software for better gaming experience.

History and Types of Mouse

History of Mouse

As we all know Logitech is super in making wireless gaming mouse. In this section we are going to talk about types of mouse, this is necessary to know about the types of mouses available. The history of computer mouse is very old, its concept was first developed by a Stanford Engineer Douglas Engelbart in 1968. It was the time just before the arrival of the personal Computers in th market.

Working of Mouse

⦁    Mouse needs a way to detect motion, when you move in any direction.
⦁    It recognizes the click when you press any buttons.
⦁    And last it communicate with your system.

Types of Mouse

⦁    Electromechanical Mouse- Most popular in 1980(Refinement of Engelbart's Mechanical Mouse)
⦁    Optical and Laser Mouse- LED or Lasers are used to detect motion

Types of mice on connection basis

⦁    Serial Mouse
⦁    Bus Mouse
⦁    PS/2 Mouse
⦁    USB Mouse
⦁    Wireless Mouse

If we talk about available buttons on mice there are three buttons(left/right and Scroll Wheel Clickable) in present. But in 1980s Apple Macintosh Computer uses one-buttons, Microsoft introduces two-buttons mouse and Logitech introduces three button(mostly used in present time mouses) mouse.

Have a better Gaming Experience.
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