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We are living in 2019, building a budget gaming pc is not a big deal, but it is confusing. Building a gaming pc under Rs 40k is confusing because there is plenty of options available in the market, actually choosing the right option is confusing. But here in this post, we will build our Gaming PC under Rs 40k with the right component.
In this PC build, we are not going to focus on RGB because our budget is limited and this will also increase our cost. If we buy an assembled PC from the market this 40k PC will cost you around 50k to 55k. But we are not going to buy this PC, we will build this PC. Building a PC is not rocket science, there are plenty of videoes tutorials available on Youtube that will help you to build your own PC.
Some people are not good when it comes to select a component for a gaming PC. If they select a good processor, they will be not able to combine this with good GPU and RAM. This mistake may cause a bottle-neck in your gaming PC.

Now we will talk about our Gaming  PC components.

Gaming PC under Rs 40000

The expectation from this 40k Gaming PC

What we want from our 40000 Rs Gaming PC. Today PUBG and Fortnite(Battel Royale games) are the most played game in the world. You can trust me from this PC you can play PUBG at 1080p(Resolution). Even you can record your game-play.
If you are looking for another option only for gaming then, gaming consoles are best.
Gaming Console is easy to setup.

Read More About Gaming Console.

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Gaming PC build

Now we can start with our gaming component. Computer Components which we are using in this PC build are-

Component That we are going to use in this PC build.

Central Processing Unit(CPU)-Intel 8th Gen Core i3 8100 3.6 GHz Quad-core processor.

MotherBoard-Gigabyte H310 M-H

Graphics Processing Unit(GPU)-Zotac 1050ti 4GB

Random Access Memory(RAM)-Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 8GB

Computer Case-Chiptronex X310B mid-tower Gaming Cabinet ATX form factor

Power Supply Unit(PSU)-Corsair VS550 550 watt power Supply

Hard Disk Drive(HDD)-Western Digital WD 10 EZEX 1 TB

All Info about the Component

Central Processing Unit(CPU)

Intel 8th Gen Core i3 8100 3.6 GHz Quad-core processor (11000) BUY NOW

For this PC build, this processor is the best suit for our budget. You should keep in mind that this processor is the entry-level processor.

Key Features

⦁ Quad-Core Processor(without hyper-threading) built on the 14 nm process.

⦁ Its clock speed is 3.6 GHz. It does not have Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

⦁ This Processor runs on Intel HD Graphics 630.

⦁ It supports open GL 4.5 and Direct-X 12(Graphics Standard).

⦁ It can support up to 64 GB of RAM(2400Mhz).


Gigabyte H310 M-H(4700) BUY NOW

This motherboard is perfect for our processor and this motherboard perfectly fits in our budget. This is also an entry-level motherboard. It supports 8th gen Intel core processors.

Key Features

⦁ HDMI and VGA Ports Ultra Durable.

⦁ 8118 Gaming LAN.

⦁ Anti Sulphur resistor.

⦁ Dual Channel Non-ECC Unbuffered DDR4 RAM Support.

Graphics Processing Unit(GPU)

Zotac 1050ti 4GB BUY NOW

This component is most important for gaming. We cannot afford the RTX series card, we will go with the GTX series card. As we all know Graphics card is the most important component of a gaming PC.
This PC build is going to use Nvidia GTX 1050 ti. this not the best graphics card, but we have to keep in mind that our budget is limited. This card is manufactured on Samsung's 14 nm FinFet process. Most games on this card run well. Games run well on this card with Direct-X 11/Open GL. You can enjoy your games on 1080p at medium resolution.


Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 8GB(4000)

In this build, we will use a RAM from Corsair. Minimum 8 GB of RAM is required for a smooth gaming experience. Minimum 8 GB of RAM is required because when we play games, games are temporarily loaded on RAM, which we are going to use in this build have a frequency of 3000 Mhz which is good for gaming.

Key Features

⦁ This RAM is powerful for entry-level gaming.

⦁ It supports overclocking.

⦁ The heat spreader of this RAM is made of Aluminium. It dissipates heat faster and enhances performance.

Computer Cabinet

Chiptronex X310B mid-tower Gaming Cabinet ATX form factor

After doing some research online, I found a computer case that fulfilling our needs. The main function of a case is to keep all the components safe and to put all the components to their required place. This cabinet has 1 USB 3.0, 1 USB 2.0 and HD audio ports. This cabinet has a metallic finish with an RGB display. It can support up to 5 HDD. It will make you feel like a pro gamer.

Key features

⦁ Glass Side Panel.

⦁ 2 Fans pre-installed one with Red LED.

⦁ Better cooling at this price range.

Power Supply Unit

Corsair VS550 550 watt power Supply(3795)

PSU is needed to provide the right amount of power to all components. This PSU best fit for our PC build. Highly reliable capacitor. A good PSU is needed to run all component on full capacity. This PSU has a high-speed fan low noise fan. The fans at full speed, when your PC is on the highest peak of performance.

Hard Disk Drive(HDD)

Western Digital WD 10 EZEX 1 TB (3085)

You need an ample amount of storage to store your games and your Operating System on your gaming machine. 1 TB is enough for entry-level gaming. One more important thing HDD will store your all data of your need. This Western Digital HDD is 3.5-inch Internal Hard Disk Drive. This HDD comes with an algorithm that protects your HDD from attacks.
We got our component for our PC.

Why this Gaming PC is good.

This PC has 8 GB of RAM that will allow you to play games in a smooth way. GPU and    CPU combination of this PC is great, it allows you to play games on 1080p with an average FPS of 55-60. (Fortnite, PUBG and Battel Royale Games).

   You can upgrade this PC in the future if your budget allows.

Important Note

Cost of Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, Operating System and Speaker is not included. You need to buy this component separately. 
Fortnite, PUBG and Battel Royale 
All image are taken from Amazon India.

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