Best Smart Watch in India Under 30000

We all use the traditional watch, which tells us time, date and day. Technology is moving fast, we moved from feature phone to smartphone and now its time to move from traditional watch to smartwatch.
A smartwatch is much smarter than your traditional watch, it can make payment for you, send a message, receive calls and allow you to search the internet using voice, measure heartbeat, and blood pressure.

Smartwatch can also track your sleep your steps and can count how many calories you have burnt.
And of course, it can saw time and date and one more thing it can record your location, with connecting or without connecting to your smartphone.

We have listed Top 5 Andriod smartwatch, that you can buy in 2019.
But First thing first, we should know what is a smartwatch.

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What is a smartwatch?

Smartwatch is like a wearable smartphone, that you can wear on your wrist. Smartwatch comes with touch screen and with simple to use interface. It can offer you some application that will be very helpful in your daily life.
Most watches are used for daily use purpose (Andriod and Apple watches).

What can we do with our smartwatch? 

The answer is, we can do almost everything that we do on our smartphone. Some activities that we can do on a smartwatch is listed below.

  •  Notification - we can receive a notification on our watch when connected to our smartphone.
  •  Apps - It can support apps that are designed for smartwatches.
  •  Answer message - You can answer by using your voice.
  •  Fitness tracking - You can track your fitness. They can help us with our workout routine.

Types of smartwatches

There are two types of watches in the market

 (1) General-purpose smartwatch this type of watches are generally offered by Apple and Google.

   Some examples of general-purpose smartwatches.

(1) Apple watch - owned by Apple
(2) Wear OS watches - owned by Google.
(3) Tizen watches - Owned by Samsung Used in Galaxy series watches.

(2)The second type of watches used for specific tasks. Fitbit makes such types of watches.

Example of Specific task watches

(1) Hiking watches
(2) Driving watches
(3)Flying watches

Now it's time to talk about our 5 best android watches, which we can buy in 2019.

  • Samsung Galaxy watch             BUY NOW
  • Fossil Sport                                BUY NOW
  • Fitbit Versa                                  BUY NOW
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active  BUY NOW
  • Tic watch E2                              BUY NOW

Detailed info about each watches.

(1) Samsung Galaxy Watch   BUY NOW 

  • Operating System - Tizen OS 
  • Compatibility- Andriod, IOS
  • Display - Super AMOLED
  • Processor - 1.15 GHz Dual-core processor 
  • Storage - 4 GB
  • Battery life - 4 Days
  • Wireless charging.

Best smartwatch you can buy right now from Samsung is this watch. Good battery life as compared to others. This wearable device is good for fitness as well for sports. It has a great design.

(2) Fossil Sport     BUY NOW

  • Operating System - Wear OS
  • Compatibility _ Andriod OS
  • Display - AMOLED
  • Processor - 1.2 GHz Dual-core processor
  • Storage - 4 GB
  • Battery life - 2 Day

Fossil is a well-known brand in the smartwatch domain. This watch has great look it well give you a classy look. This is a high-end device available at a very low price tag. It has snapdragon 3100 chipsets from Qualcomm.

(3) Fitbit Versa  BUY NOW

  • Operating System - Fitbit OS 
  • Compatibility - Andriod OS 
  • Display - TBC
  • Storage - 2.5 GB
  • Processor - 1.0 GHz Dual-core
  • Battery life - 3-4 Days

Fitbit is also great at marketing fitness tracker. This device from Fitbit can resist water up to the depth of 50m. This device is available in four different colors. It comes with Fitbit pay, which allows contactless payment. It doesn't have GPS.

(4) Samsung Galaxy Watch Active   BUY NOW 

  • Operating System - Tizen OS 
  • Compatibility - Andriod, IOS 
  • Display - Super AMOLED
  • Processor - 1.15 GHz Dual-core
  • Storage - 4 GB
  • Battery life - Almost 2 Days

Samsung comes two times on our smartphone list. This watch is very similar to the first watch. The main difference is the price. It doesn't have LTE support and the rotating bezel. The black color of the watch will give you a completely classy look.

(5) Tic Watch E2  BUY NOW

  • Operating System - Wear OS
  • Compatibility - Andriod 4.3+ and IOS 8+ 
  • Display - OLED 
  • Processor - Samsung wear 2100 ( dual-core 1 GHz)
  • Storage - 4GB
  • Battery life - 2 Days

Tic watch E2 is the cheapest device to buy. This device is waterproof. Design is not more attractive. It comes with GPS support good heart rate sensor. It does not support contactless payment.

We have listed some of the best smartwatch available in the market in 2019 under Rs 30,000. You should definitely check this watch for your daily use and for your fitness and health. They will keep track of your every activity.

You can buy these watches online as well as offline.
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