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Xbox One-X Specification || Xbox One X 1 TB

Xbox One X all you need to know

We all love to play games. Most of us play games on our smartphone, but when it comes to playing AAA titles we all choose to play on a gaming console or gaming PC because our smartphones are not powerful enough to handle AAA gaming titles graphics calculations. But in PC or gaming console there are separate hardware to handle and other operations AAA titles games. Here in this post, we are going to talk about Microsoft Xbox One X world's most powerful gaming console, after the introduction of Google Stadia off-course not, but keep in mind that Google Stadia is cloud-based gaming service whereas Xbox is a physical device that you keep in your house.
First, we are going to talk about "Why Gaming Consoles are Popular?" There are a few reasons that make gaming consoles more popular than gaming PC. So Xbox is a gaming console.

Why Gaming Consoles are Popular?

Gaming consoles are very easy to set-up, just put all the wires in the console and in your display and you are ready to play latest AAA gaming titles. But if we talk about gaming on your PC, you first have to download the game(this also applies to console) and install, then you will be able to play games on your PC. But during playing games on your PC, you may need to adjust settings for your games according to your gaming PC hardware. If you want to play games on your PC you will need powerful hardware to play AAA titles, this will cost you more. But I console you just have to buy a gaming console and Game that you want to play and just plug and play your game.
But here I will remind you that consoles are specially made for gaming purpose. Consoles are dedicated device for gaming and on your PC you can do everything you want to go along with playing games. This is the main difference between a gaming PC and a gaming console.
Most famous consoles are Xbox and Playstation they are backed by studios like Microsoft and Sony. So, there is the widest collection of the latest AAA gaming title are available.

Why Gaming consoles are better than Gaming PC?

The gaming console is cheaper than Gaming PC.
You can play with your friends easily.
Controllers are more comfortable then keyboard and mouse.
Gaming console does not harm your precious eye.

Now we are going to talk about the world's most powerful gaming console Microsoft Xbox-One X.
X-box one-x was launched in  2017, now we are in 2019 but, still, it is the best gaming console in the world. X- box One-X is still able to run -latest AAA in 4K. I personally like to play Forza horizon 4.There is 1300 plus games that you can play on Xbox One-X. I think it will be able to run upcoming titles for at least 2 years from now.
X-box one-x is the console for those who want to play their games at the best graphics settings. In my opinion, this console is becoming slow, with the release of every new modern gaming title, if not it will start soon and this is a true fact that no-one can deny. But it is also true, this is the most powerful gaming console on Earth.
If you are planning to buy this console you can definitely buy this console at this time, you can run all gaming title available for Xbox, at ultra high settings.   

Specification Xbox One-X

BUY NOW (34990 INR) 

We all want to know about the spec of this Gaming console. Trust me you will spend quality time playing your games on this console. You will experience 4K ultra HD gameplay.

Here is key  Spec

AMD eight-Core processor Clocked at 2.3 GHz
12 GB RAM 9 GB is set to games and graphics.
1 TB of storage
It is cooled by vapor chamber, that way out heat to the rear of the console using state changing liquid/gas copper heat pipe, to be deposited in heat sink and cooled by fans.

This makes this console more efficient and powerful enough to run games in 4K ultra HD and most powerful gaming console of the earth. This is the only console that will make you able to play games in 4k. But playing games in 4k ultra HD you will need a 4k display, if you don,t have 4k tv, monitor as display you can play gaming full HD (1080x1980), this is capable of doing this.


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