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Most used gaming platform - Microsoft Windows, Andriod, and Nintendo.
Most used Gaming Devices - Windows PC X-box Playstation and Nintendo.

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As we all know India is the youngest country in the world. India is the second-largest country in the gaming industry. But keep in mind that gaming is a worldwide industry. The video game market is expected to be worth over 90 billion US dollar by 2020. there about 2.5 billion video game player in the world right now and it will continue to grow in the future.
the world in the world in terms of internet users. India has a huge potential in the
This post is based on " How to earn money playing video games", that's why below is some stats related to the gaming industry.
Tencent made most of its revenue from games. Online PC games in 2019 will take the market up to 47%. 36% of the gamers are from the Asia Pacific. In terms of revenue, China is the most profitable market, it covers 41%revenue worldwide. 53% of a game developer is developing games for PC and Mac, 38% for smartphones and tablet, 27% game developers are developing a game for PS(PlayStation) and only 22% of them are developing games for X-box
So above were the stats of the gaming industry, look the stats and imagine how much you can earn from gaming. There is a huge potential. There are so many ways to earn money by playing video games. Here in this post, we are going to talk about the top 3 ways by which you can earn money by playing video games.
Here are the ways in which you can make money playing video games.

(1) Live stream Game on Twitch/Youtube

In this way, you have to stream your gameplay in real-time to the world. If you want to earn money by live-streaming the game, you should build a large audience, or you can say a loyal audience, so you can monetize your live stream by ads. It takes a long time to build an audience on your live stream. If you start your live stream on Twitch, you are going to break more than 10 viewers for several months.
No one is going to watch you live stream, why they watch you, there are so many popular live streamers on Twitch, one of them is Ninja.
If you want to create a huge audience around you, make your self different from others. This is the most difficult part.
Best platforms to live streams                                                                                                           
(1) Twitch (2) Youtube (3) Facebook gaming
Ways to earn
(1) Ads (2) Donation (3) Subscription

Here is another way to earn by playing games, record your gameplay and upload it on Youtube and Facebook
(2) Become a Professional Gamer.

Professional gaming is very competitive, in the last decade, there is big explode happened in the professional gaming industry. There is a huge demand for professional gamer. Keep in mind everyone cannot become a professional gamer because this requires talent `dedication and most important high profile skill, if you have all of them, then you need another weapon that is the right approach. So many esports tournaments held around the world and best gamer from all over the world come to compete with the most talented and highly professional gamers.

Ways to earn
(1) Esports tournament (2) Prizes (3) Sponsorship and many other ways.

(3) Became a member E-sports team  
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This is another job of a professional gamer. There are so many e-sports team around the world which you can join. Like other professional cricket player or football player, you will get a salary from your team owner. Getting into in E-sports team is very difficult and you know this right. By chance you are selected for an e-sports team, this means not that you will get enough salary to live your life. If you are talented enough then go ahead and try to join an e-sports team. But keep in mind earning money from joining e-sports is not easy.

You want to earn money by playing game Fortnite like (Ninja, not so easy) we know that it is not easy. So try to get traction on Twitch, You-Tube, and Facebook. Stream your game Play on Twitch and upload your gameplay on You-Tube and Facebook.

At last, For earning money by playing games like Fortnite and PUBG give some time, learn a skill and devote at least two years. They both are Battle Royale Game.
One more thing, keep in your mind, in e-sports games, keep your valuable eyes safe, because you know your eye is the most important part of your e-sports gaming career.
Now you are ready to earn money by playing PC games like Pro.   
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