What is Web Server [Web Server explained]

Web Server explained

We visit tons of webpage everyday, you are reading this post is also a webpage. You watch videoes on Youtube, many of us are active on social media. You upload video on your Youtube Channel. But you ever think where your uploaded item goes or from where the webpage you visit are displayed on your smartphone screen. Do you know where all the files are uploaded, which you can see from anywhere in the world. You may probably heared about webhosting and webserver. These two terms are very common.
Here you will get some basic information about webserver and web hosting.
We will not explain the working of these terms, you will get into about what are they?
So without further delay let's get started.

(1) Web Hosting

Web hosting is nothing it is a service that you use to host your webpage, or you can say that it is the process of making webpage available on internet. We hope you understand the term web hosting in simple words. Now let's go further.

(2) Web Server

We will explain web server in very simple way(nothing complex). It is likey a computer with large number of hard disks(HDD).
Now let's take an example, You upload an image or any thing on your blog or website it goes directly to the web server. All information available on your web site are stored in web sever.
The blog you are reading now is hosted on Google server, this is a free blog powered by blogger(Blogspot) blogs are hosted by Google on their web servers. If you use free service then the possibilites are limited to some extent. That means you cannot add more factionality to your blog or website.
We are going out of the topic, now we know "what is web server?"
Many professional bloggers buy web hosting, buying hosting means what? That means if you are buying web hosting from anyone like Hostinger, Blue Host, Hostgator etc.. they will give you some storage, some processing power in their system(a computer with large amount of storage and processing power), which you will use to host your blog or website. You can say you will use their system to make your blog or website online.
If you want to add good features in your blog you should use wordpress and a paid web hosting service. Learn more about cheap and fast web hosting for beginner. (Cheap hosting buying guide)
That's it for this blog post We hope this post helped you little bit,
if it does please share this with your friends. If you have any question write down below in the comment box.
Keep learning.
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