Top 3 web hosting companies for beginner

Cheap Web hosting for an absolute beginner.

Web hosting hmmm, So what is web hosting (want to know to click here). Follow the link first.
Choosing cheap and best web hosting for a newbie blogger is not an easy task (this blog is hosted for free). There are lots of web hosting companies in the market. All of them are good but choosing the right service according to your need is very stressful. But here in this post, we will only talk about some selected web hosting companies which are best for beginner blogger.
Here is the list of 3 web hosting companies for the absolute beginner.

  1.  Hostinger
  2.  Hostgator
  3.  A2 Hosting

Now let's talk about each of these web hosting companies. So let's begin with the first in the above list.

(1) Hostinger $1.45/month

Hostinger is first on our list.
Hostinger is the best place to start, the reason is super reliable servers, 24/7 customer support. If we talk about website load time on its server is fastest in the industry right now and cheap also.

Key feature

- On click WordPress installation.
- Free SSL certificate with business plan  $3.9/ month.
- SSD storage.
- Daily backups.
- Server response time 100 ms.
  Highly recommend for absolute beginners.

(2) Hostgator

A big name in the industry. It is a trusted web hosting company with 99.98 server uptime. They host over 9 million domain in the world. 24/7 customer support, support through live chat, phone, and email. If you are not satisfied with there service you will get your money back because they provide a 45-day money back guarantee, others provide 30-day money back guarantee.

Key feature

- One click WordPress installation.
- Easy to use interface for a beginner.
- Free SSL certificate.
- Free domain and website transfer.
- Server response time 984 ms.

Slower then hostinger.


(3) A2 Hosting

 A2 Hosting is not as famous as Bluehost. They own data centers around the world. They have 99.99 % server uptime. They have better service then Blue host and Hostgator. 24/7 customer support.

Key feature

-20x faster than a competitor.
- one click Wordpress, Drupal, and Joomla installation.
- Free CDN(Content Delivery Network)
- Free SSL certificate and 30 days money back guarantee.
- Server response time is 300 ms.
A2 Hosting is slightly costlier than Hostgator and hostinger. A2 hosting also provides HackScan service for free to keep your website safe from attackers.
We hope after reading this you can now take quick decision for your new website hosting need.

That's it for this blog post We hope this post helped you a little bit if it does please share this with your friends. If you have any question write down below in the comment box.
Keep learning. 
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