How to start blogging and Earn Money Online? Create your own blog

A Guide Start a Blog

How to start blogging and Earn Money Online

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online. Blogging gives you a reward for your writing skills, helping people and ofcourse for your creativity.
Blogging will allow you to connect with lots of people available on the internet, those who love to read articles, they are talented and passionate readers like you. 
No matters who are you? Internet respect those who have talent. We tried our best to provide all the information about starting a blog in a short way and start earning money. The most important weapon you need is patience, that's it. You are ready to go.
I will introduce you every strategy for getting started, getting traffic on your blog and last one earning money from your blog. 

Now its time to dive in.

In this blog some product and service link are affiliate link, if you buy anything from this link we will get some commission. The all products are being used by us, that's why we are recommending you, otherwise you can do your own research for product. (This blog is hosted for free.)
For little commission we will not recommend any product that we have not used.
Now without any further delay let's dive into "how to start a blog".
There is one question so many people are thinking right now. 

How to start blogging and Earn Money Online

Can you start a new blog for free in 2019? 

If you are just getting started with blogging. You will definitely think about cost for starting a blog (the blog you are reading now is free created using Blogspot). There is one more blog that we created using word press this is our other blog. You can start with blogging today in half an hour for free. These are some platforms like Medium, tumbler and Blogger etc. This platform are good if you are just getting stared and want to learn blogging.
But if you want to earn money from your blog, you should go with some paid service. Free service will restrict you to monetize your blog. As you can see this blog is not monetized yet with Google Adsense, because this blog is hosted for free.

Let's head towards first step

(1) Pick your blog name and Domain.

No it's time to pick a domain name for your blog, to make your blog live and readable on internet you will need web hosting. You can register your domain name and get your web hosting with blue host. Blue host is most preferred service because of its customer support and excellent service.
On blue host home page you can pick your plan after choosing plan you will be forwarded to another page where you can pick the domain name of your choice for free, after this you have to checkout, you should choose 36 month plan for your web hosting because of its low price.

(2) Find your Niche - 

 you can should pick your niche according to your choice. This is best way to choose your niche. I will not make this step complicated. Find a topic on which you can write anytime without frustration.

(3) Set your blog look - 

It completely depends on your creativity, give time to think create and design your blog, you can also go with premium themes. The theme should be responsive ( this is most important, because majority of viewers are from smartphone now). It should be SEO friendly. Make your blog easy to navigate for your visitors if they will leave your blog just after landing on your blog post.

(4) Create some important page

 If you want traffic from search engine, or you want to rank in search index, your blog should have some important page like About us, Contact us privacy policy etc. And these pages are also important for Google Adsense approval. Because these pages will give your blog a professional touch.

- About us page

In this page you have to talk about yourself, which type of topic you write and why you started blogging. You can provide every information related to your blog.

- Contact us page

In this page you should provide contact details by which your visitors can contact you or you can provide a contact form.

- Privacy Policy 

On this page you have to talk about what you do with visitors data like e-mail addresses and names. Do you sell their data to any third party. Do you install any cookie or tracker on their browser? You have to provide all this type of information that you do with their personal data. 

(5) Consistency

You should decide when you will post on your blog, this will create excitement among your readers. Don't break the consistency. Consistency will help you to get lot's of traffic and repeated visitors. Google crawlers crawl your page regular basis, if they find that you are posting on regular basis, Google bot will start indexing your blog in Google Search result.

(6) Publish and promote your blog

You are all done now, you have to publish your post. Just go ahead and publish your post. Now it's time to promote your blog, this is the step where you will think about giving up blogging. But keep in mind this is key to success.

Promote your blog-

 Use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Promoting your blog will teach you many things. You should experiment on social media because one idea doesn't work for everyone, you have to find your own way to promote your blog. Target audience who are looking for a post that you are promoting. If you follow these steps regularly for six months, I can guarantee you will start earning money from your blog. For promoting your blog you should learn SEO and Digital Marketing. You will find so many videos on You-tube related to SEO and Digital Marketing, the all free videos are about the basics of SEO and Digital Marketing. You can learn learn advanced topics after learning the basics. If you want to learn advanced topics you can head towards Udemy or you can learn from courses offered from well known Digital Marketers and SEO specialists by purchasing their paid course, they are worth buying.

(7) Earn Money

Every thing is set, now your writing post, promoting your blog. After doing all this stuffs, this is obvious to think about earning money. Below in this blog, you will get some ways to earn money online. We will list some of the most preferred ways to earn money from your blog. But keep in it will not be easy to earn your first cents online.
  •  Google Adsense(Best advertising network)- No traffic requirement
  •  Affiliate Marketing(Best way to make money online)- Conversion rate is low and you will also need trust from your visitors.
  •  Sponsored Post- Never review any thing that you don't use because your readers trust you.
  • alternative of google adsense
  •  Propeller Ads(Instant approval) If you have dot com domain(get dot com domain) then you can earn money from day first using propeller ads. In this ad network there is some traffic requirement. You can use pop under ads from day one, you can use this but I will not recommend it because it will badly affect your visitor's experience and one more thing your search result ranking.
How to start blogging and Earn Money Online

Here are some extra that you can follow to get post ideas, getting traffic and creating your community.

  1.  Use Quora for finding topics and for promoting your blog.
  2. Use paid tools like buzzsumo, Semrush or Ahrehs for analyzing your blog traffic. You can also use these tools for SEO and for keyword research. One more thing you can do with these tools is you can analyze your competitor that is most important for your blogging carrier. I use Semrush for all purposes.
  3.  Try to capture email from your visitors, but don't spam them.
  4.  Use affiliate programs for extra income. (Always refer useful product)
Here are some recommended tools that I use for my blogging because they are very useful and make my work sequence easy. All of them are paid tools, this is because this is always good to invest in some tools before starting a blog.

List of Tools

This blog is hosted for free and uses Paid Top Class Domain name and Paid Tools.
All products are used by us accept Blue Host Hosting. This blog is hosted on Google Cloud Server and your site/blog have some limitations but never goes down.

That's it for this blog post We hope this post helped you a little bit if it does please share this with your friends. If you have any question write down below in the comment box.
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