Andriod Oreo: How to reset settings in Android Oreo?

If your phone is running slow, you will probably think about factory resetting your phone or cleaning up the storage. But here I will recommend you resetting your phone settings first, then you can go further if it doesn't work. Some settings in your phone can make your smartphone slower or may drain your battery faster. In this post we are going to learn how to reset settings in Android Oreo?
First we will know some reasons that why our smartphone goes slow over time. The reasons are listed below.

(1) To many apps running background, it will also cause battery drain.

(2) Lack of storage - Lack of storage cause lag in smartphone. Try to store all your photos on a cloud service, this will help you to increase memory size. This also applies with your computer.

(3) In older phones processor is also a reason for slowing down your phone. This means not that your processor is not enough power to handle your phone's operation. Your apps need for processing power has been increased, as time passes you get updates for your application but not for your processor. If you can change your smartphone processor, then you can make your smartphone little bit faster, but you know that it is not possible(you cannot change smartphone processor or due to stability reason).
                 So, these are the some reasons which may make your smartphone slower.

  Now this time is to reset our phone setting. Follow these steps -

  1. Open phone settings
  2. Navigate to system - advanced
  3. Now go to reset option
  •          In reset option you will find these options
  •          Reset app preferences.
  •          Erase all data (factory reset)

You have to select option(2)
Reset app preferences.  When you select this option it will ask configuration read the confirmation message and reset app.

                      You are done now.

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