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As we all know that Instagram is a photo sharing social platform. But in current Instagram is not just
for sharing photos or videos, you can also make money from Instagram.
Yes, you can make money from Instagram but how? There are several questions asked- some of them are -

(1) Can we make money on Instagram?

(2) How do people earn from Instagram?

Here in this article, we will explore how we can earn money from Instagram, and we will also know that how we can do this in 2019?
Some useful ways that will help you to earn money from Instagram in 2019.
So let's start the journey of making money online from Instagram.
First, we will discuss our first question that is "Can we make money on Instagram?"
The answer is yes. The reason is the huge user base of Instagram and they are also legit buyer they are looking for a useful and exciting product on the internet. Products may be related to fashion, iPhone accessories, gaming and much more. The audience on Instagram is very wide. A huge audience of Instagram is the main reason that Facebook bought Instagram. This reason is sufficient to make you fill that you can make money on Instagram. Now let's head toward next question.
How do people earn money from Instagram?
There are several ways to make money on Instagram. You must have seen a sponsored product on Instagram. You see a related product that has been searched on your internet.
Here are some ways to earn money from Instagram.

(1) Promote affiliate product. (Via Affiliate Marketing)

(2) Sell your own photos.

Don't worry they are penny only, we will discuss more in this post.

(1) Sell Photos

Instagram is a good platform for selling photos if you are a good photographer you can sell your photos on Instagram.  It may also be that someone hires you for a photo session and you can charge them some money. This is a great way in this way you will always learn something new.

(2) Became an influencer

An influencer is someone who has built a reputation online. You can become an influencer by doing and sharing something online. In a simple way, you have to build an audience around you. If you become an influencer you can promote any brands because you have a high level of trust. Because you have an audience around you, the brand will approach you to promote them and they will pay you for doing this. So go and build community on your Instagram.

Here is an extra tip you can also approach to brands for a sponsored post.

(3) Affiliate marketing

This is the best way to make money in the long run. In this way, you will get some commission for making any sale.  So many people make money from Instagram using this way. For making affiliate sales from Instagram you must have to create an engaging post, the main reason behind this is you can use only one link in Instagram(in your bio), so post must be engaging.
There is so many affiliate program some of them are Amazon affiliate, Click Bank and Commission Junction you can register with any of them. The best way to make money from Instagram using affiliate is that send your followers to your website or blog where you will provide every information about the product.

Here is an extra tip always use Instagram #hashtag, it will allow you to reach more audience.

The main reason you should earn from Instagram, Instagram has reached over one billion users in just 10 years, and Instagram is also competing Facebook. Keep in mind Instagram is owned by Facebook.
Youngsters love Instagram. Before you start earning money from Instagram keep in mind 38% users are female on Instagram.

If you want to see Instagram success stories you can visit following Instagram profiles.

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  • RedLimeShop
  • SoAesheticShop

That's it for this blog post We hope this post helped you a little bit if it does please share this with your friends. If you have any question write down below in the comment box.
Keep learning.
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