Best gaming PCs 2019: Best PC you can buy to get into gaming

2019 may be the golden era for gaming industry, huge region for this will be the innovation and
competition. Most of the upcoming games of 2109 will be the RTX enabled. For curious gamers this year is going to be best.
As a gamer you must be ready for this year. Because this year is packed with full of power and adventure because of upcoming gaming title like Doom Eternal and Sekiro promised to be best game of the year. Some of them are already out like Metro Exodus and Anthem. As a gamer you must be prepared for this titles, So get armed with best gaming rig.

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Some market leaders like Intel, AMD or Nvidia have best product line for gaming. Nvidia RTX series graphics card hot in market right now, Intel coffee lake processor AMD ryzen series all this product will allow all title of this year even in future also.
 Building a gaming PC is always a headache. There is another way for gamers is to go for prebuilt PCs from trusted manufacturers like MSI, Alienware.
Here we are listing some of the best and beautiful gaming PC on which you will love to play. SO, lets get started with our listing.

(1)Corsair One i160 

This beast is consist of Intel core i7-9700k, core i9-9900k, graphics card from Nvidia RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti, 32 GB of RAM and storage of 480 GB M.2 SSD/2 TB of HDD. This beast is extremely powerful, beautiful design and last one is very expensive.

(2)Alienware Aurora R7

This one is consist of Intel core i5-i7, graphics card from Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti-1080; AMD Radeon RX 580-Vega 64, RAM 8 GB to 64 GB  storage of 1 TB NVMe SSD/2 TB HDD. This beast plays games smoothly, attractive look but noticeable fan sound.

(3)MSI Infinite A

This consist of Intel core i7-7700, Nvidia graphics card gtx 1060- 1080Ti, RAM 16 GB and storage of 2 TB HDD and 128 GB of SSD. This is very powerful gaming rig. The specs are high that means high price tag.

(4)Intel Hades Canyon NUC

This consist of Intel core i7-8809G Graphics card from AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH graphics card, RAM- NA Storage- NA Very expensive

(5)MSI Trident 3

This is consist of CPU intel core i5-7400 - i7-7700 Graphics card - GTX 1050 Ti - 1060 RAM 8 GB - 32 GB DDR4 Storage of 2 TB HDD and 120 GB of SSD. Compact size.
Above were the some examples of prebuilt gaming rig that you can consider before buying pc. I hope this article helps you little bit. If you like this article please this with you friend.
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