Best DSLRs for begginers in 2019

If you are a beginer in photography, then you will do well from your smartphone camera or from your point and shoot camera. But what if you have learned the basics of photography and you are not
satisfied with your snaps that are taken from your basic camera. Now you are looking for a solution to your question. So the answer is definetily a camera that is above from basic camera. That is DSLR.
                                        Now its time to upgrade to a DSLR camera.The image  quality of image taken from DSLR is more superior  than from your basic camera or you can say that smartphone camera. DSLR camera will provide you more controls. The well known features are auto and manual mode. You don't worry about manual mode,you can use auto mode until you are learning. Entry level DSLRare best for project, if you are still learning.
So, here you wiill find list of best  5 DSLR of 2019. These DSLRs are cheap but they hold strong positions for their prices -

   Here is the list

(1) Nikon D3500
(2) Nikon D3400
(3) Canon EOS Rebel T 7i/Canon Eos 800D
(4) Nikon D5600
(5) Canon EOS Rebel T 6i/Canon EOS 750D

Nikon D3500

This camera is easy to use as like point and shoot camera. It has compact and comfortable design that is great for travel. It's sensors are 15x larger than typical smartphones. Support for Nikon snap bridge app for photo sharing.
-Great for New bie.
- Fast and accurate focasing.
- 1080P full HD video recording.
- weight-390g.

Nikon D3400

Easy to use camera. You can record full hd video at 60fps. Low energy bluetooth pairing with your smartphone. If we talk about CMOS sensor it is 23.5 x 15.6 mm DX format CMOS sensor. It comes with Expeed 4 processor.

- Great for hobbyist.
- 1080p full hd video recording.
- weight- 395g.
- User friendly interface.

Canon Eos 800D

This camera is from Canon. It will make you shoot videoes in full hd. Fast and accurate focusing. It's sensor comes with 24.2 MP APS-c sensor
- Great for travellers and event bloggers.
- 1080p full hd video recording.
- weight- 531g.
- User friendly interface.

Nikon D5600

This camera is easy to handle. You will be able to give cinematics brilliance in your shoots. It's sensor comes with 24.2 MP. It is equiped with Expeed 4 processor.
- 1080p full hd video recording.
-weight- 1.63kg.
- User friendly interface.
- Shoot fast action.
- Support for Nikon snap bridge app.

Canon EOS 750D

So many youtubers use this camera. Notice that all camera is equiped with  24.2 MP sensors. You can control manual brightness for upto 7 levels.
- 1080p full hd video recording.
- Wi-fi and NFC(Near Field Communication.) support.
- weight- 508g.
- works well in low light.

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                                                            Learn everyday something new.


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