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Graphical Processing Unit(GPU)

Every one knows if we have good GPU then we can play game with great stability and render our photos and videos quickly. We all know about AMD and Nvidia GPU ,because they are well known
manufactures of GPU. Nvidia GTX series is well known GPU in market all over the world.Now Nvidia has launched its new series of GPU known as RTX series, RTX series cards are real time ray trac
ing enabled.
                   But how these cards work? In this post we will try to answer this question. Definetly you will not be able to understand all the working of GPU. We will go through absolute begginers concept. So lets get started.
GPU is a computer chip that performs very rapid mathematical calculation, mainly for the purpose of rendering images.
In early days of computing CPU performed these calculation.  As time passes more graphic intensive  application like auto-cod were introduced. This software put strain on the CPU and degrade performance.
GPU, are introduced only from taking load out from CPU, by freeing up their processing power.
GPU is able to render images more quickly than a CPU because of its parallel processing architecture, which allow it to perform multiple calculation at the same. A single CPU does not have this capability. Although a multicore processors can perform calculation in parallel by combining more than one CPU a single chip.
There are some terms related to GPU first one is Clock speed.
(1) Clock Speed- It is also known as clock rate. The speed at which a microprocessor executes instruction. Every computer contains an internal clock that regulates the rate at which instruction are executed and bridge all the various computer components. This requires a fixed number of clock cycle to excute each instruction. The faster the clock speed the instruction can execute per second. It is expressed in MHz and GHz. Mega Hertz and Giga Hertz respectively.
Uses of GPU-
Now GPU is used in various field some of them are Machine learning, Artificial Inteligence, Gaming, Crypto mining, Encryptions etc.
There are some major manufacturers in this field like Nvidia, AMD, Intel and ARM.


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