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Apple Credit card is recently announced by Apple. Apple credit card is designed for Iphones. You
can use this card with Apple pay wallet app. In USA 70% of business accept Apple pay, they are planning to reach 10 billion transaction by the end of this year. But acceptance of Apple pay in Australia is 99%, awesome na.
Now let's talk about Apple credit card, how can you use this? You can use this by signing up to your iphone, you can control your card from your Iphone using Apple pay wallet app. You can track your transaction made through Apple card in Apple pay wallet app, you can also track how much money you spent on a specific category. When you tap on any transaction you can see transaction detail. When you make a transaction through Apple card you will get cashback of 2%, your cashback will be credited on daily basis. On Apple purchase you will get cashback of 3%.
Apple has made partnership with MasterCard and Goldman Sachs to issue the card. Apple does not know anything about your transaction. The all info about your transaction are keep and tracked by MasterCard and Goldman Sachs.The data will not be used for marketing purpose by Goldman Sachs and MasterCard.
If we talk about fees on this card, their no late fee, international fee, annual fee and over limit fee. That means this card is absolutely free. This card is virtual card, but it is also available as physical card. Important point to be remember is that there is no card no, no CVV number, no expiration date and no signature on the card. You will get  all the information about your card in your wallet app.
 If we talk about security of the card you will have separate card number for your different apple devices. You can access your card info by using face id or fingerprint. The all information of your card is securely stored.
Apple has been entered in fintech market. Now its its time to wait and watch to see what happens near future to Apple credit card.
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