How To Mine Electroneum Pc and Smartphone 2019


Today we will learn how to mine electroneum. We all know about electroneum is a mobile based cryptocurrency that is designed for mass adoption.
The future of this coin is bright. You can mine this coin on your andriod smartphone without draining your CPU yes it is true "Mobile phones are not built to withstand or cope
with the complex calculations required to perform actual mining, your phones would over heat very quickly and potentially damage hardware.Mobile miners gives you the
mining experience but don't mine."

Steps to follow

First you need wallet where you will store your mined coins.

Create offline wallet or download electroneum app on your andriod smartphone that will also mine coin for you. Just download it create account and tap on start mining.
That's it.
Now it's time to mine your mining rig/laptop or on your home computer.
steps to follow
Now you have wallet address.

Get set go

-download miner for this go to on your mining pool. Here go to getting started/connect section, from here download xmr-stack. I will give link for this also.
Use as your mining pool this is good.
-you have downloaded your mining software, now it is zipped file, so you will need to extract it. Extract it some where and open it.
-Now configure your miner
  -to configure open xmr-stack it will open a command window in this window first press 0 or any key and enter
  -now choose currency to mine. type cryptonight_lite_v7 and enter
  -now it will ask for pool address with port this will like this, port depends on your machine capacity
 end hardware),5555(mid range hardware), 100000(high end hardware),500000(for nicehash)
  -now it will ask for username in this field enter your wallet address
  -password x
  -rig indentifier it can be empty
  -then n and then n and then n
  -now it will configure miner and start mining electroneum (minimum payout 10 ETN)
  -now this is time to moniter your mining, go to pool and under worker statistics enter your wallet       address and look up what is happening.

Cloud Mining on Your Smartphone

(Electroneum Mobile Mining)

They have introduced cloud mining service for free. You can mine electroneum for free on their servers.
 For starting cloud mining you have to do some work, for doing this you don't need any technical knowledge, it will ask you for a selfie of you to verify that you are human being or not? It wiil start cloud mining after verifying your selfie it will take only two minutes to verify. It will ask for another selfie at the time of payment. You can start cloud mining thinking anything, once you started the cloud mining, there will be no need of internet connection. I am not saying that internet connection is not needed, you will need internet connection at the time of starting cloud mining and to monitor your progress. The mininmum payout is 100ETN. Now enjoy ETN mining on your smartphone.

We hope you have started your ETN mining process.

After mining some coins please donate some coin to inspire us.
Official ETN donations address-

Important links
Mining software-xmr-stack

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