Precious resource of the earth(Water)

The addition of harmful substance into water bodies like lakes, rivers and oceans is known as water.
pollution. It causes damage to aquatic plants and animals. Drinking of polluted water causes diseases like cholera and typhoid.

We live on the water planet. A precious film of water most of it salty water oceans and sea covers about 71% of earth surface. Little amount of planets abundant water is available to us as fresh water.

97% of water is in oceans and in sea, water from these bodies are unsuitable for drinking, irrigation and even for industrial uses except as coolant. The remaining 3% is fresh water. In 3% about 2.997% water is in the form of ice caps in glaciers or is buried so deep that is costs too much to extract. Only about 0.003% of earths water is available to us for our use we waste it, we pollute it. Water is badly managed resource on earth.

Causes of water pollution on earth.

  • pollutants from factories, refineries and water treatment plant.
  • pesticides and fertilizers from agricultural fields.
  • The addition of soaps, detergents and chemical carried to rivers and lakes.
  • The garbage and dead body thrown by people in the rivers.
  • Human sewage.
  • plastic is major cause of water pollution.
  • biological contaminants.
  • oxygen-demanding wastes.
  • water soluble inorganic chemicals.
  • suspended matters.
  • radioactive isotopes.
  • thermal pollution.
  • genetic pollution.
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  1. Saving water is very very important subject for humanity.A drop of water makes large water bodies.We should teach ourself first then teach other the importance of water.


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